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meta clip boltless shelving

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Meta Clip Boltless Shelving

Meta Clip S3 Boltless Shelving:

  • Cost Effecient with Disassembled Frame for Shelf Loads of 331 lbs. or 507 lbs.
  • Shelf Height Adjustable in 1" Increments for Variable Adjustment to the Size of Stored Goods
  • Quick Boltless Mounting Without the Need for Tools
  • 2" Edge Height and a Galvanized Surface
  • FOB Chicago, IL and Atlanta, GA 
  • 5 Year Warranty

Meta Clip S3 Boltless Gravity Fed Shelf Rack:

  • Quick and Easy Mounting with Disassembled S3 Boltless Frames
  • FIFO Principle (First In/First Out). The Goods Stored First are also the First to be Taken Out. This is Especially Important for Goods with an Expiration Date.
  • All of the Top Level can be Used, as There are No Lateral Struts.
  • Goods Slide Pratically Automatically Down the 18" Inclined Surface to the Take-Out Side
  • No Transition Edges on the Shelves in the Downward Direction
  • The Small Front Stop Bar allows Crates and Cartons to be Taken Out Easily.
  • Shelf Heights are Adjustable in 1" Increments.
  • Lateral Guides available on Request.

Meta Clip S3 Boltless Gravity Fed Rack:

  • Meta Clip S3 Rack System with Unassembled Frame, provides particularly High Stability and Load Capacity, Shelf Load 441 lbs. on each Level.
  • Particularly Suitable for Cardboard Packed Goods, Packets of Screws or Small Parts kept in Small Storage Boxes.
  • Quick Boltless Mounting without Tools.
  • 6 Mesh Dividers per Shelf are included in the Delivery. The Mesh Dividers allow Tracks to be Inserted in Steps of 2" depending on the Size of the Stored Goods and can be adapted at any time.
  • Shelf Height Adjustable in 1" Increments
  • Includes Top Shelf for Dust Protection and Additional Storage Space.
  • Easier Access to the Stored Goods.
  • Optimal Monitoring of Stock Levels. It is Immediately Obvious where Stock Replenishments are Required.
  • Stored Goods such as Cartons Slide down Automatically to the Take-Out Side at a 14" angle.




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