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Pallet Rack for Nutritional Supplements
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Pallet Rack for the storage of the raw ingredients and finished Nutritional site Supplements.
The Client:

3149 Midland Dr.,
Ogden, UT 84401, USA

The Situation
Inno-vita makes high quality nutritional supplements sold only through a select group of health care professionals. These products are made to heal and that is their mission.
The Solution:

NationWide Shelving's sales reps visited Inno-vita in Ogden to measure the space and offer storage options. Pallet rack for nutritional supplements was a perfect solution because of its standard pallet rack design, clean, organized look, and durability. The answer was pallet rack. Wire deck was chosen to set the inventory of nutritional supplements to avoid falling through and to allow an easy to clean shelf. Wire deck can make it easier for product visibility for picking and keeping track of inventory. Spacers between the rows of pallet rack give additional stability and a perfect uniform look by continuing the rack at exact distances as you look at the rack from an aisle end.

Pallet Rack comes in heavy-duty steel with an open design. It has a tear-drop design which clips to hold fasten the beam to the upright securly. It is made of steel and comes in many sizes, colors and weight capacity.  The racking has durable materials, and the stored products stay free from dirt. It’s a simple design but with endless possibilities and configurations.

Pallet Rack comes in heavy-duty steel with an open design. It has a tear-drop design which clips to hold fasten the beam to the upright securely. It is made of steel and comes in many sizes, colors and weight capacity.  The racking has durable materials, and the stored products stay free from dirt. It’s a simple design but with endless possibilities and configurations.


The Advantage:

Our pallet rack design allows for a quick and efficient way to store raw ingredients and supplements that is durable and customizable. The shelving is steel / metal and wire decking that can provide a more significant weight capacity for all sorts of ingredients and nutritional supplements. It comes in green and orange but also can come in colors that match your warehouse or theme. Since it doesn't have bolts, it eliminates the need for hardware or tools to assemble


Pallet rack is simply one of the most cost effective choices for warehouse storage and  makes use of your vertical space in the most efficient way. It is simple to install, which means it can be ready to use quicker or to move from space to space. The conventional tear-drop design allows you to use parts interchangeability with most manufacturers. The adjustable beams make it easy to store various raw ingredients and materials.

Pallet Racking can hold anything from pallets to bulk storage such as raw ingredients and nutritional supplements. It offers access from all sides, which makes it easy to pick and view all from all sides. It is an excellent addition to any nutritional supplement manufacturer and warehouse, no matter the size.

Return on Investment:

Pallet rack can provide highly efficient storage of for many uses such as inventory, distribution facilities, manufacturing, and inventory storage needs. Many large retailers choose pallet rack as an inexpensive way to display stock for customer purchase. From small to large applications, pallet rack can expand your storage, allowing for more inventory and use less space. With its economical solution, you can save on your budget and use the space available to generate more revenue. Many customers save money just from rent savings alone!

Pallet Rack for Raw Ingredients and Finished Nutritional Site Supplements

Pallet racks are material handling designed for storing materials on pallets (something called skids), usually in warehouse applications. Our Nationwide Shelving reps will help you decide if your productivity will improve with either faster picking solutions with pallet racking. Our highly trained reps will ensure you get the storage solutions with the maximum storage. We do simple to complex projects for all forms of racking, including sophisticated multi-level and automated applications. They call us America's Shelving Superstore for a reason!

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Pallet Rack Brochure:

pallet rack for nutritional supplements Utah

Serving These Counties in Utah:

Beaver County, Box Elder County, Cache County, Carbon County, Daggett County, Davis County, Duchesne County, Emery County, Garfield County, Grand County, Iron County, Juab County, Kane County, Millard County, Morgan County, Piute County, Rich County, Salt Lake County, San Juan County, Sanpete County, Sevier County, Summit County, Tooele County, Uintah County, Utah County, Wasatch County, Washington County, Wayne County, Weber County

Serving these Zip Codes in Utah:

84001, 84002, 84003, 84004, 84005, 84006, 84007, 84008, 84010, 84011, 84013, 84014, 84015, 84016, 84017, 84018, 84020, 84021, 84022, 84023, 84024, 84025, 84026, 84027, 84028, 84029, 84031, 84032, 84033, 84034, 84035, 84036, 84037, 84038, 84039, 84040, 84041, 84042, 84043, 84044, 84045, 84046, 84047, 84049, 84050, 84051, 84052, 84053, 84054, 84055, 84056, 84057, 84058, 84059, 84060, 84061, 84062, 84063, 84064, 84065, 84066, 84067, 84068, 84069, 84070, 84071, 84072, 84073, 84074, 84075, 84076, 84078, 84079, 84080, 84082, 84083, 84084, 84085, 84086, 84087, 84088, 84089, 84090, 84091, 84092, 84093, 84094, 84095, 84096, 84097, 84098, 84101, 84102, 84103, 84104, 84105, 84106, 84107, 84108, 84109, 84110, 84111, 84112, 84113, 84114, 84115, 84116, 84117, 84118, 84119, 84120, 84121, 84122, 84123, 84124, 84125, 84126, 84127, 84128, 84130, 84131, 84132, 84133, 84134 ,84136, 84138, 84139 ,84141, 84143, 84144, 84145, 84148, 84150, 84151, 84152, 84157, 84158, 84165, 84170, 84171, 84180, 84184, 84189, 84190, 84199, 84201, 84244, 84301, 84302, 84304, 84305, 84306, 84307, 84308, 84309, 84310, 84311, 84312, 84313, 84314, 84315, 84316, 84317, 84318, 84319, 84320, 84321, 84322, 84323, 84324, 84325, 84326, 84327, 84328, 84329, 84330, 84331, 84332, 84333, 84334, 84335, 84336, 84337, 84338, 84339, 84340, 84341, 84401, 84402, 84403, 84404, 84405, 84407, 84408, 84409, 84412, 84414, 84415, 84501, 84510, 84511, 84512, 84513, 84515, 84516, 84518, 84520, 84521, 84522, 84523, 84525, 84526, 84528, 84529, 84530, 84531, 84532, 84533, 84534, 84535, 84536, 84537, 84539, 84540, 84542, 84601, 84602, 84603, 84604, 84605, 84606, 84620, 84621, 84622, 84623, 84624, 84626, 84627, 84628, 84629, 84630, 84631, 84632, 84633, 84634, 84635, 84636, 84637, 84638, 84639, 84640, 84642, 84643, 84644, 84645, 84646, 84647, 84648, 84649, 84651, 84652, 84653, 84654, 84655, 84656, 84657, 84660, 84662, 84663, 84664, 84665, 84667, 84701, 84710, 84711, 84712, 84713, 84714, 84715, 84716, 84718, 84719, 84720, 84721, 84722, 84723, 84724, 84725, 84726, 84728, 84729, 84730, 84731, 84732, 84733, 84734, 84735, 84736, 84737, 84738, 84739, 84740, 84741, 84742, 84743, 84744, 84745, 84746, 84747, 84749, 84750, 84751, 84752, 84753, 84754, 84755, 84756, 84757, 84758, 84759, 84760, 84761, 84762, 84763, 84764, 84765, 84766, 84767, 84770, 84771, 84772, 84773, 84774, 84775, 84776, 84779, 84780, 84781, 84782, 84783, 84784, 84790, 84791.

Serving these Cities in Utah:

Adamsville, Alpine, Alta, Altamont, Alton, Altonah, Amalga, American Fork, Annabella, Antimony, Apple Valley, Aurora, Austin, Ballard, Bear River City, Beaver, Bery, Bicknell, Big Water, Bingham Canyon, Bingham Cyn, Blanding, Bluebell, Bluffdale, Bonanza, Brookside Dammeron Valley Hildale Tropic Mount Carmel Paragonah Newcastle Panguitch Bryce, Boulder, Bountiful, Brian Head, Bridgeland, Brigham City, Bryce Canyon, Bryce Canyon City, Callao, Cannonville, Castle Dale, Castle Valley, Cedar City, Cedar Fort, Cedar Hills, Cedar Valley, Centerfield, Centerville, Central Valley, Central Vly, Charleston, Circleville, Clarkston, Clawson, Clearfield, Cleveland, Clinton, Coalville, Copperton, Corinne, Cornish, Cottonwood Heights, Croydon, Daniel, Delta, Deweyville, Draper, Duchesne, Duck Creek Village, Duck Crk Vlg, Dugway, Dutch John, Eagle Mountain, Eagle Mtn, East Carbon, Echo, Elk Ridge, Elmo, Elsinore, Elwood, Emery, Enoch, Enterprise, Ephraim, Escalante, Eureka, Fairfield, Fairview, Farmington, Farr West, Fayette, Ferron, Fielding, Fillmore, Fort Duchesne, Fountain Green, Francis, Fruitland, Fruit Heights, Fremon Leeds, Garden City, Garland, Garrison, Genola, Glendale, Glenwood, Goshen, Grantsville, Green River, Greenville Gunlock, Gunnison, Greenwich, Gusher, Hanksville, Hanna, Harrisville, Hatch, Heber City, Helper, Henefer, Henrieville, Herriman, Hideout, Highland, Hildale, Hinckley, Holden, Holladay, Honeyville, Hooper, Howell, Huntington, Huntsville, Hurricane, Hyde Park, Hyrum, Ibapah, Independence, Ivins, Jensen, Joseph, Junction, Kamas, Kanab, Kanarraville, Kanosh, Kaysville, Kingston, Koosharem, Laketown, Lakeside, Lapoint, La Verkin, Layton, Leamington, Leeds, Lehi, Levan, Lewiston, Lindon, Loa, Logan, Lyman, Lynndyl, Manila, Manti, Mantua, Mapleton, Marriott-Slaterville, Marysvale, Mayfield, Meadow, Mendon, Midvale, Midway, Milford, Millville, Minersville, Moab, Modena, Mona, Monroe, Monticello, Morgan, Moroni, Mount Pleasant, Murray, Myton, Naples, Nephi, New Harmony, Newton, Nibley, North Logan, North Ogden, North Salt Lake, Oak City, Oakley, Ogden, Ophir, Orangeville, Orderville, Orem, Ouray, Panguitch, Paradise, Paragonah, Park City, Parowan, Payson, Perry, Pintura, Plain City, Pleasant Grove, Pleasant View, Plymouth, Portage, Price, Providence, Provo, Randolph, Red Canyon, Redmond, Richfield, Richmond, Riverdale, River Heights, Riverton, Rockville, Rocky Ridge, Roosevelt, Roy, Rush Valley, St. George, Salem, Salina, Salt Lake City, Sandy, Santa Clara, Santaquin, Saratoga Springs, Scipio, Scofield, Sevier, Sigurd, Skull Valley, Smithfield, Snowville, South Jordan, South Ogden, South Salt Lake, South Weber, Spanish Fork, Spring City, Springdale, Springdale Pine Valley Veyo, Springville, Sterling, Stockton, Summit, Sunnyside, Sunset, Syracuse, Tabiona, Taylorsville, Teasdale, Terra, Tooele, Toquerville, Torrey, Tremonton, Trenton, Tropic, Uintah, Venice, Vernal, Vernon, Vineyard, Virgin, Wales, Wallsburg, Wanship, Washington, Washington Terrace, Wellington, Wellsville, Wendover, West Bountiful, West Haven, West Jordan, West Point, West Valley City, Willard, Woodland Hills, Woodruff, Woods Cross, Zion National Park, Zion Ntl.

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pallet rack for storage of nutritional supplements Utah

pallet rack for storage of nutritional supplements Utah


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