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Our rotary file systems will save you space over traditional stationary shelving. These types of files allow you to put two rows of shelving against a wall where normally only one would fit. This is due to the rotation of the unit, allowing someone to access one bank of shelving, and then by simply pressing a foot pedal, rotate the shelving 180 degrees to access an entirely different bank of shelving. Also, by rotating these units only 90 degrees, they can be locked, making them great for securing private documents, and HIPPA protected materials

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The difference between Starter and Add-on units is simple. If you are creating a row of Rotary files, you would initally use a Starter unit. At this point you can add as many Add-on units that you would like, as long as they are attached to the Starter, or another Add-on unit. If you just want one stand alone unit, a Starter will suit your needs. See the diagram below.