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About SpaceGuard:

SpaceGuard Products manufacturers woven and welded wire mesh partitions, storage lockers, and area guarding solutions for your secure storage and safety needs. SpaceGuard products are available for quick shipment and quality installation through a national network of preferred distributors. Let our sales team help design a solution that suits your particular application through several quality choices of products. 

FordLogan Woven Wire Partitions provide a cost-effective solution with an industry-standard design that conforms to architectural specifications under Master Format Sections 10605 / 102213.

SG2000 Wire Mesh Enclosures are certified for DEA applications and are versatile for tall configurations or long, straight runs.

2180 Welded Wire Security Cages provide a rigid and attractive solution that saves you time and money, designed for fast installation.

Security cage applications, such as weapons storage for police departments, are easily configured to any height or arrangement within any given room. Other security cage applications include Tenant Storage Lockers for Industrial storage or shared area storage in Apartments, Condos, Executive Suite Offices, Military Bases, and Retail back rooms Security enclosures for the collocation of computers and networking equipment in Data Centers, Offices, and Schools & Universities. Wire mesh partitions for tool cribs, warehouse security or segregation, temporary holding cells, evidence/specimen storage, and machine guarding. Rack Safety Panels for pallet rack backs to help prevent damage and injuries from accidents in the Warehouse. AisleGuard barriers and Mezzanine RailGuard safety systems to meet OSHA standards and protect your personnel from costly accidents.

SpaceGuard Products:

  • Wire Mesh Partitions (Woven, Welded, & Expanded Metal)
  • Pallet Rack Enclosures
  • Tenant Storage Lockers

Military Storage Lockers

SpaceGuard manufactures Tenant Storage Lockers that are necessary for Military customers and their equipment. The Tenant Storage Lockers are 10 gauge woven or welded wire. The three standard widths are 3, 4, or 5 inches. Customer may request custom sizes. The Tenant Storage Lockers come with padlock hasp and reversible hinge doors.


  • Built for Military entities such as: Armed Force Reserve Centers, National Guards, Military Bases, and more.
  • Military equipment can be securely enclosed, equipment such as: Weapons, Fatigues, Duffel Bags and other military equipment.
  • SpaceGuard Storage lockers can be installed by anyone.
  • Military Storage Lockers can be customized to meet various requirements.
  • To make the locker truly secure, SpaceGuard has designed door frames mounts and panels to be perfectly even to the floor.

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