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Spare Parts Storage Lean lift
Spare Parts Storage Lifts

The Hänel Lean-Lift is the optimum storage and materials handling system that saves time, storage capacity and costs

The pluses

Over 60% more storage capacity!
Faster storage and retrieval, increased productivity!
Optimum use of storage volume, due to height-optimized storage!
Storage and handling of bulky and heavy parts!
Load-carrying capacity per container up to 1,000 kg!
Load-carrying capacity per Lean-Lift up to 60,000 kg!

Optimum utilization of floor space. The term upward mobility takes on a new meaning with the Rotomat! The Rotomat is as flexible as you need it to be. Units can even stretch over several storeys! Goods to user is the motto, not user to goods. Personnel costs and cycle times can be reduced! High-performance control units and computer links ensure that the Rotomat can be put to use flexibly and on an individual basis! The required parts are brought to the ergonomic retrieval height at the touch of a button! Safety is of paramount importance. No climbing of ladders; no danger of accidents! The Rotomat protects all parts from dust, light and unauthorized access!


Spare Parts Storage - Drinks manufacturer optimizes spare parts storage at different sites with Hanel Storage Systems Phone Us At 800-326-4403

The sales organization Hänel recently sold a total of 3 Lean-Lifts to two production sites of Rauch Fruchtsäfte GmbH.

Rauch Fruchtsäfte is an internationally active Austrian producer of fruit juices and is based in Rankweil in the Vorarlberg region. The company employs a total of 1,300 people in 7 plants across Europe (Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Serbia and Hungary).

It was 1 1/2 years ago that the first industrial Rotomat was sold to the company headquarters in Rankweil, and now other sites are following suit. In addition to the latest order for a Lean-Lift destined for Rankweil as part of an expansion project, another order for 2 Lean-Lifts has been placed for the plant in Widnau, also in Austria. Moreover at the Nüziders site, Hänel Switzerland is working on a project scheduled for implementation in 2014. There are also plans to order another Rotomat for Widnau this year.

Thanks to the very positive experiences with the first Rotomat at the Rankweil site, Hänel was approached by the plants at Widnau and Nuziders with a view to optimizing their spare parts storage for the bottling plants. These facilities are in operation round the clock. In Widnau, for example, around 7 billion cans of the popular drink Red Bull are filled every day. The competition submitted rival bids for all the projects, but was never involved in the project discussions.


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