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NationWideShelving.com is committed to maintaining a leadership role in providing innovative shelving, storage, and automated retrieval systems for our clients.

NationWide Shelving's is YOUR advisor and system designer at no cost! We are experts at creating creative shelving and automated storage solutions that promote space efficiency and or productivity.

We are so confident in our solutions we offer a BUY BACK GUARANTEE!!! (On many products we offer). This is also financially helpful when it is time for YOU to upgrade to the next generation of storage product.

NationWide Shelving offers our staff benefits like Heath and Dental Insurance, paid holidays, and personal and sick days. Why are these things important to you? Because a great workplace allows you the comfort to work with the same people over and over. They know you, what you ordered before, and how to best accommodate your individual needs again and again. It is nice to work with someone you know and trust! They have the same long term relationships with our vendors insuring that we know how to do it right the first time from expirience!


Our installation/service team is on our payroll. What that means to you is we are one unit for sales, installation and service. Third party installation teams often push customers in favor of a "more important" customer. That will not happen at NWS. all of our installations are for our customers. In addition factory warranties often mandate installers are factory certified which third party installer generally are not so after the install if a part fails the customer may not get parts for free like they would if they purchase from a company where the installers work for the sales company y and ar factory certified. We recently experienced a service call from a customer who purchased from someone who bought from a company who used a third party installer. They need a major part replaced which is a charge from the company they purchased from. If they had purchased from us it would have been a warrantee issue at not cost to them.

Our installation team installs storage and automated storage every day. We are experts at installing Storage Products allowing us to install in the least time, with minimal interruptions to our customers and done right the first time.

We represent many manufacturers. Aurora Storage Products in the best quality product on the market today. We know this because we move systems from every manufacturer. while some seem ok on the surface they show their true quality and craftsmanship when we relocate them. No one plans top relocate but these days we have relocated systems within weeks of the original install. Aurora is the only product we find to go together just a perfectly the second, and third time , as it did on the original installation

When you buy from us you are supporting a US business and a US Manufacturer. All your money stays in America and gets spent in America. Our corporate taxes go to supporting our communities and our schools. did you know corporate taxes pay the lions share of schools? Supporting us supports the US educational system.

Add it up!!! We have the lowest overall pricing in the industry when you factor in the quality of our products. We offer you the best value!!!! our service call rate is under 2%!!!!! We do it right the first time with the best products we can find. We take the time to do it right so that it takes less time.

Watch how quickly we turn around quotes to you. that is the leading indicator of how it is to do business with NationWide shelving from start to finish. We are committed to responding quickly with quotes, ordering, coordinating installations and doing the installation.

NationWide Shelving offers Small Business Set Aside on GSA Contract with Aurora Storage Products:
GSA Small Business Set Aside on GSA Contract # GS‐25‐0084M
Aurora Storage Products
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