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Darigold Pushback Pallet Rack Relocation 801-328-87878.

Pushback Pallet Rack Relocation
Pushback Pallet Rack Relocation
Pushback Pallet Rack Relocation
Pushback Pallet Rack Relocation
Pushback Pallet Rack Relocation
Pushback Pallet Rack Relocation

For More Information Call 801-328-8788


Darigold Pushback Pallet Rack Relocation 801-328-8788

When Salt Lake Building inspectors came to Cream of Weber's DariGold's division at It is 1658 S 4370 W SLC,UT 84104 they determined existing anchors for the rack were not up to code for seismic calculations. Code has changed over the years so that rack is safe for users on a day to days basis as well as earthquake prepared. NationWide Shelving was able to provide an engineer to evaluate the existing rack and recommend the correct fasteners to meet code. In many cases rack needs to be upgraded to meet today code. Many times customers are buying used rack to save some money and soon find it needs to be scrapped so rack that meets todays code can be installed. In todays world the cost of used rack often becomes higher than just buying new rack to start with. In order to drill the holes for the new fasteners the push back rack needed to be moved. In the course of the retrofit of anchors DaiGold had beams readjusted so shelf levels met the current needs of product they are storing. A total of 72 levels were adjusted in the process. The installation was a bit out of the ordinary as the rack is located in a cooler for the storage of milk and dairy products at about 30 degrees . Due to the height of the rack, being over 20 feet high, special forks were required for the forklift and chain hoists were required. NationWide shelving worked with DariGold to move product off as racks were moved, and then moved product back as rack was retrofitted with the new seismic anchors. This required a great deal of coordination between the customer and NationWide Shelving.

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