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MA 1231
State of Utah Contract:
MA 1231



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Type of Storage Product:

Hospital Central Supply Storage Solutions

  • 4 post shelving
  • Add-A-Stack Shelving
  • Adder shelving Units
  • angle post shelving
  • ASRS Automated Freezer Storage
  • Automated Central Processing Storage
  • Automated Clean Room Storage
  • Automated CPD Storage
  • Automated Insulin Storage
  • Automated Pallet Storage
  • Automated Pharmaceutical Storage
  • Automated SPD Storage
  • Automated Storage Shelving
  • Automated Chemo Storage
  • Banker Box Archive Record Storage
  • Beaded Post Shelving
  • Bulk Rack
  • Cantilever Rack
  • Carton Flow Rack
  • Case-style Steel Shelving
  • Catheter Shelving
  • Central Processing Hospital Storage
  • Central Processing Hospital Storage Shelving
  • Central Storage Shelving
  • Chemo Storage Shelving
  • Clean Room Vertical Carousels
  • CPD Shelving
  • CPU Storage
  • Double Deep Pallet Rack
  • Drive In Pallet Rack Systems
  • Drive-In Storage
  • Four Post Shelving
  • Freezer Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems
  • Freezer Vertical Carousel
  • Gravity Flow Rack
  • Hanel Freezer Vertical Carousels
  • Hanel Refrigerated Vertical Carousel
  • Heavy Duty Cantilever Racks
  • Heavy Duty Metal Shelves
  • Heavy Duty Pallet Rack
  • Heavy Duty Pallet Racking
  • Heavy Duty Pallet Shelving
  • Heavy Duty Storage Rack
  • Heavy Duty Warehouse Shelving
  • Heavy Industrial storage
  • High Density Rack
  • High Performance Pallet Rack
  • Horizontal Pallet Transfer System
  • Industrial Duty Welded Storage Rack
  • Industrial Shelving,
  • Insulin Storage Shelving
  • Long Span Rack,
  • Lundia Stockroom Shelving
  • Mezzanines
  • Mobile Rack Systems,
  • mobile warehouse Shelving
  • Pallet Flow Rack,
  • Parent Metal Products
  • Pharmaceutical Shelving
  • Pharmaceutical Vertical Carousel
  • Pharmacy Carousel Pharmacy
  • Pick Module
  • Pipp Shelving
  • Pipp Stockroom Shelving
  • Push Back Rack
  • Push-back Storage,
  • QuikPik Gravity Flow Pallet Rack Levels
  • Reel Racks Wire Shelving
  • Refrigerated Automated Storage
  • Refrigerated Automated Storage and Retrieval System
  • Refrigerated Carousels
  • Refrigerated CPD Storage
  • Refrigerated Insulin Storage
  • Refrigerated SPD Storage
  • Refrigerated Vertical Carouse
  • Refrigerated Chemo Storage
  • Relius Solutions Wire Gravity Flow Shelving
  • Ridg-U-Tier II Pallet Rack
  • Rivet -Span
  • RiveTier Shelving
  • Roll-Out Shelf Racks
  • Rotary Archival Rack
  • Schaefer Gravity Flow Racks
  • Scotland Rack Company
  • Shelving-Systems
  • Single Rivet High Density Shelving
  • SPD Shelving
  • Stac-U-Rak Stacker Systems
  • Starter Shelving Units
  • Sterile Processing Shelving
  • Sterile Processing Vertical Carousel
  • Sterile Processing VLM
  • stockroom shelving
  • Storage Shelves Heavy Duty
  • Structural Drive-in Rack
  • Structural Pallet Rack
  • Sturdi - Built
  • Teardrop Rack
  • Tire Storage
  • Very Narrow Aisle Rack
  • Vestil Gravity Flow Racks
  • Weapon Storage
  • What Zone for Rack in Utah Warehouse
  • Wide Shelving
  • Wide Span Rack
  • Wide Span Shelving
  • Wide-Span Rivet Shelves & Shelving
  • Wire Decking
  • Wireway/Husky

General Services Administration (GSA)


Shelving by State:


  • Industrial Shelving Tucson


  • Industrial Shelving Arizona
  • Pallet Rack Arizona


  • Industrial Shelving Bay Area
  • Industrial Shelving Burbank
  • Industrial Shelving Hayward
  • Pallet Rack Hayward
  • Industrial Shelving Huntington Beach
  • Archive Shelving In Los Angeles CA
  • Industrial Shelving in Los Angeles
  • Mobile Shelving Los Angeles
  • Pallet Rack in Los Angeles
  • Warehouse Shelving Los Angeles
  • Vertical Carousels Los Angeles
  • Industrial Shelving Oakland
  • Pallet Rack Oakland
  • Pallet Rack Ontario California
  • Industrial Shelving Orange County
  • Pallet Rack Orange County
  • Industrial Shelving in San Diego
  • Warehouse Shelving San Diego
  • Pallet Rack San Diego
  • Industrial Shelving Torrance
  • Industrial Shelving Tustin
  • Industrial Shelving Van Nuys
  • Used Pallet Rack Ventura
  • Pallet Rack Vista CA



  • Industrial Shelving CT
  • Mobile Shelving in CT


  • Industrial Shelving Florida
  • Mobile Shelving in Florida
  • Pallet Rack Florida
  • Used Pallet Rack Florida
  • Pallet Rack Jacksonville
  • Used Pallet Rack Jacksonville
  • Industrial Shelving Miami
  • Pallet Rack Miami

  • Industrial Shelving Orlando
  • Pallet Rack Orlando
  • Industrial Shelving Tampa Florida
  • Mobile Shelving Tampa
  • Pallet Rack Tampa


  • Industrial Shelving Georgia
  • Mobile Shelving Georgia
  • Pallet Rack GA
  • Pallet Rack Georgia
  • Used Pallet Rack Georgia
  • Vertical Carousels in GA
  • Industrial Shelving Atlanta
  • Pallet Rack Atlanta
  • Used Pallet Rack Atlanta
  • ASRS Maui



  • Industrial Shelving Illinois
  • Pallet Rack Illinois
  • Mobile Shelving Chicago
  • Pallet Rack Chicago
  • Vertical Carousels Chicago
  • Industrial Shelving Hampshire


  • Industrial Shelving Indianapolis


  • Pallet Rack Kansas
  • Used Pallet Rack Kansas


  • Pallet Rack Kentucky
  • Steel Pallet Rack Kentucky

  • Industrial Shelving Louisville


  • Industrial Shelving Louisiana
  • Pallet Rack Louisiana
  • Pallet Rack New Orleans
  • Industrial Shelving New Orleans


  • Industrial Shelving Baltimore


  • Industrial Shelving MA
  • Mobile Shelving Massachusetts
  • Industrial Shelving Boston
  • Mobile Shelving Boston


  • Industrial Shelving MI
  • Industrial Shelving Michigan
  • Mobile Shelving Michigan
  • Pallet Rack Michigan
  • Industrial Shelving Detroit


  • Industrial Shelving Minnesota
  • Industrial Shelving MN
  • Pallet Rack Minnesota
  • Pallet Rack MN
  • Industrial Shelving Minneapolis


  • Archive Shelving Missouri
  • Pallet Rack Missouri
  • Industrial Shelving Kansas City
  • Pallet Rack Kansas City
  • Industrial Shelving St Louis


  • Industrial Shelving Omaha
  • Pallet Rack Omaha


New Hampshire

  • Industrial Shelving NH
  • Used Pallet Rack NH

New Jersey

  • Industrial Shelving New Jersey
  • Industrial Shelving NJ
  • Pallet Rack New Jersey
  • Used Pallet Rack NJ

New York

  • Industrial Shelving New York
  • Industrial Shelving NY
  • Industrial Shelving NYC
  • Mobile Shelving NY
  • Pallet Rack New York
  • Pallet Rack NY

North Carolina:

  • Industrial Shelving NC
  • Pallet Rack North Carolina
  • Used Pallet Rack Northern California
  • Industrial Shelving Raleigh NC


  • ASRS Ohio
  • Industrial Shelving in Ohio
  • Pallet Rack Ohio
  • Used Pallet Rack Ohio
  • Industrial Shelving Cincinnati
  • Industrial Shelving Dayton Ohio
  • Industrial Shelving Hamilton
  • Pallet Rack Youngstown Ohio


  • Pallet Rack Oklahoma
  • Industrial Shelving Tulsa
  • Pallet Rack Tulsa


  • Industrial Shelving Portland Oregon
  • Pallet Rack Oregon


  • Industrial Shelving Pennsylvania
  • Pallet Rack PA

Rhode Island:

  • Industrial Shelving Rhode Island

South Carolina:

  • Industrial Shelving Greenville


  • Industrial Shelving Tennessee
  • Mobile Shelving TN
  • Used Pallet Rack Tennessee
  • Pallet Rack Knoxville


  • Industrial Shelving Texas
  • Pallet Rack Texas
  • Pallet Rack TX
  • Industrial Shelving Austin Texas
  • Pallet Rack Austin
  • Industrial Shelving Dallas
  • Industrial Shelving Dallas Texas
  • Warehouse Shelving Dallas
  • Pallet Rack Dallas
  • Industrial Shelving Fort Worth
  • Pallet Rack Fort Worth
  • Industrial Shelving Houston
  • Industrial Shelving Houston Texas
  • Mobile Shelving Houston
  • Pallet Rack Houston Texas
  • Used Pallet Rack Houston
  • Industrial Shelving in Huntsville Texas
  • Warehouse Shelving San Antonio



Salt Lake City, UT:


  • Industrial Shelving VA
  • Industrial Shelving Virginia
  • Pallet Rack Virginia
  • Used Pallet Rack Virginia


  • Pallet Rack Kent Washington

  • Industrial Shelving Seattle
  • Industrial Shelving Tacoma

Washington D.C.:


  • Pallet Rack Wisconsin


  • Industrial Shelving USA
  • Pallet Rack USA


  • Industrial Shelving Canada
  • Industrial Shelving Edmonton
  • Industrial Shelving London
  • Industrial Shelving Ontario
  • Industrial Shelving Ottawa
  • Industrial Shelving Perth
  • Industrial Shelving Toronto
  • Industrial Shelving Vancouver
  • Industrial Shelving Victoria BC
  • Industrial Shelving Winnipeg
  • Mobile Shelving Berkshire
  • Mobile Shelving Canada
  • Mobile Shelving Cyprus
  • Mobile Shelving Hampshire
  • Mobile Shelving Ottawa
  • Used Mobile Shelving Montreal
  • Pallet Rack China
  • Pallet Rack Toronto
  • Pallet Rack Vancouver


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Past Projects || Project References

Pallet Rack:

Pallet Rack at Enlinx

Scientia Vacular Pallet Rack Shelving

Kaysville Parks and Recreation

Doug Smith Auto

Logan City School District

West Tech Engineering

Utah Armory National Guard

US Army Corp of Engineers

Division of Child and Family Services

Kirton McConkie

US Forest Service



Young Automotive Group

Wheeler Machinery

Utah Valley University

Salt Lake Valley Detention Center

Western Waterworks

Okland Construction


Jordan School District

Sapp Bros

Premier Plastics

Oregon State University

Western Wyoming Community College

Ken Garff Porsche

Utah Highway Patrol Station

Young Chevy

Monet Medical

Medical Supplies Company



Wyoming City Hall

Cash America Pawn

Utah Highway Patrol

BMW of Utah

LDS Church

Midwest Fasteners

Nichols Custom Ceramics

Mountainland Supply

Midway Trailers

Five Star Disaster

Young Automotive Group

Greenspace INC



Kirton & McConkie Attorneys at Law

Best Value Wheel and Tire

Advance Manufacturing Technology

Ogden Valley Library


Bureau of Reclamation

Office Products Dealer

LDS Conference Center

Northeastern Services

Young Chevrolet

Young Subaru

The White House

Mobile Shelving:

Shelving Rack for Industrial and Mobile Fluid Power Distribution Companies

Pallet Rack for Nutritional Supplements

Ragnar Events Pallet Rack


Midway Trailers: Food Trailers

Sliman & Butler Irrigation


Van Cott, Bagley, Cornwall & McCarthy


Liberty Electric

IM Flash

WhiteStone Distributing

BioFire Diagnostics

Pella Windows and Doors


Western TelCom, Inc.

Gravity Construction

Pacific West

Concrete Distribution


North Eastern Services

Otis Elevator Company

Cedar City Library

Murray Pediatrics

Utah Department of Agriculture

SolarTek Solutions

Ungricht Parker Eye Associates

Utah State Antiquities

Convergent Concrete

Escalante Home Center


Interiors West

Wasatch County Library

Office Products Dealer

Mike Hale Acura

Dixie Center

Vision Graphics

U of U Stadium

Bard Access

Basic Research

Reckitt Benckiser

Young Chevrolet

3 Form || Pallet Rack Relocation

Cookies USA

General Dynamics

Little Adventures

Ruck Truck Enterprises

Unified Police Department

Precision Assembly

Liberty Electric

Davis County Administration

Salt Lake Valley Buick GMC

Deseret Book

Washington County Attorney's Office


Utah Army National Guard

Dr. Chung

Security Cages:


Intermountain Healthcare

HP Computers

Nephi Justice Courts

Aurora High Density Mobile Shelving System

Kirton & McConkie Attorneys at Law

Apple Store

LuLulemon Stores

Hill Air Force Base

Park City Archives


Van Cott

Baker Distributing Company llc.

Salt Lake Community College

Aero Graphics

All Weather Water Proofing

Weber State University


IHC Park City

Genesys Echopass

Cedar Fort - Springville Utah

Sidwell Air Freight

Latter Day Saints Church


G&K Services

American Fork First District Court

American Fork Police Department

L 3 Communications


Bureau of Reclamation Boulder City

Michale Kors

Colorado Ski and Sports

Butte Archive Center

Radley Acura Auto Shelving

Refrigerated and Frozen Storage for Medications, Medical Samples and Supplies, Chemicals, Adhesives and Foodstuffs

Central Contra Costa Sanitary District

Book Depository Storage

Spacesaver Library Shelving Move in Salt Lake City

Young Subaru

BCBG Maxazria Group

Best Friends Animal Hospital

3rd District Court

A E Sanders Construction

Advanced Systems Inc.

Alpine Plastic Surgery

America First Credit Union


Vernal City Municipal Building Storage Shelving

Car Museum Shelving

Art Museum Storage

Mining Storage

Mobile Shelving Specifications

The Bureau of Reclamation

The Statue of Liberty

The US Air Force

The US Army

BCBG Maxazria Group

Modular Buildings:

Store Phone Equipment on Pallet Rack

The Best Automotive Parts Shelving System

Boltless Shelving:

Michael Kors

J Crew


Ann Taylor


Hugo Boss

Refrigerated and Frozen Storage for Medications, Medical Samples and Supplies, Chemicals, Adhesives and Foodstuffs

L 3 Communications

Book Depository Storage



Rolling Art Racks


Car Museum

Car Museum Shelving

State of Utah

Radley Acura Auto Shelving

Vernal City Municipal Building Storage Shelving

Colorado Ski and Sports

All others:

Art Museum Storage

Mining Storage

Butte Archive Center

I.C.E - Los Angles

I.C.E - Salt Lake City

Reference Letters

Administrative Office of The Courts

Alpine Plastic Surgery

America First Credit Union

American Fork District Court

Architectural Nexus Architects

ASWN Architecture

Bone and Joint Medical Center

Bird Construction


Cache County Auditors Office

Central Valley Medical Center

Davis Hospital and Medical Center

Department of the Air Force

Department of the Interior

Driver License Division

Foot and Ankle

Hanson Claims

Hematology and Oncology Center

Jerry Maymi

Magic Valley Medical Center

Midvale Police Station

Northern Utah Surgeons

Park City

Ray Quinney Nebeker Law Firm

Snow College Library Bookstore Shelving

Third District Court Files

US Post Post Legal Files

US Forest Service

Utah Arts Council

Zions Bank


Good News. This is our 'News" page. In a serious world, good uplifting news only

Warehouse Automation

Warehouse automation is when the warehouse is operated by machines and computers. Common automated operators are conveyors, carousels, cranes, and more. One of the advantages of an automated warehouse is to increase profitability by reducing labor costs and to streamline productivity.
Conveyors use belts to move goods from one place to another. They can also commonly be used for sorting. Common conveyor belts in everyday life are escalators, moving sidewalks (commonly in airports), and at the post office. Conveyors are usually used to move goods horizontally.
Another common operator for an automated warehouse is a Carousel. A carousel is a rotating machine or mechanism that will move goods in a circle or cycle. An example of this would be the system at the airport for passengers collecting their luggage. Carousels in a warehouse are much like shelves but they move and rotate in a cycle.
Cranes are machinery used for moving objects by using one or more arms or beams. Warehouse cranes are great for moving heavy objects vertically and to high places. A crane can also be used as an alternative to using conveyors belts where a flat surface is not possible. A good example of where cranes are commonly used is automated storage systems. Much like how you organize all your movies on shelves the crane moves goods to much larger shelves but they use computers to keep track of the inventory. The computer will tell the cranes where to go to pick up items as well as place them. The benefits of automated warehouse machinery for storage facilities are in areas where property is expensive and vertical storage is more profitable.
Warehouse automation is great for use in warehouses that require cold temperatures or for creating small electronics that are fragile that could be easily damaged my humans. Warehouse automation machinery is an ideal way to make more efficient production and reduces costs that would usually go to labor.


Metro Wire shelving

Panel Built


SpaceGuard Products



ISD UltraBots


We Are America's Mobile Shelving Superstore.

High Density Shelving Expertsprovides all types of storage products to meet your needs. We offer storage products for your office, your warehouse, and heavy industrial storage needs. Everything from office shelving and standard pallet racking to sophisticated automated storage solutions. From archival to highly active records and warehouse items. We can help you select a storage product that will make your life easier. In addition to the products listed above we can offer you Push Back Rack, Mezzanines, Drive In Pallet Rack Systems, Drive In Pallet Rack Systems, Wide-Span Rivet Shelves & Shelving, RiveTier Shelving, Rivet -Span, Bulk Rack, Wide Span, Long Span, Teardrop, Wire Decking, High Density Rack, Push Back Rack, Pallet Flow Rack, Carton Flow Rack, Cantilever Rack, Industrial Shelving, Add-A-Stack Shelving, Banker Box Archive Record Storage, Starter Units, Adder Units, 4 post shelving, beaded post shelving, angle post shelving, mobile warehouse shelving, heavy duty warehouse shelving, heavy duty pallet shelving, heavy duty pallet racking, industrial duty welded storage rack, heavy duty pallet rack, heavy duty storage rack, heavy duty cantilever racks, heavy duty metal shelves, storage shelves heavy duty, heavy duty pallet rack, heavy duty warehouse shelving, industrial duty welded storage rack, four post shelving, stockroom shelving, wide shelving, weapon storage, single rivet high density shelving, shelving-systems, rotary archival rack, automated storage shelving, and High Performance Pallet Rack, Ridg-U-TierT II Pallet Rack, Structural Pallet Rack, Drive-In Storage, Structural Drive-in Rack , Push-back Storage, Horizontal Pallet Transfer System, Pick Module, Systems, Gravity Flow Rack, Mobile Rack Systems, Very Narrow Aisle Rack, Double Deep Pallet Rack, Scat-U-Rak Stacker Systems, Wide Span Shelving, Case-style Steel Shelving, Roll-Out Shelf Racks, Reel Racks Wire Shelving.

You Deserve The Best Shelving For Your Medical, Lawfirm, And Business Organizations.
You want it done right. You deserve more. You deserve the best.  High Density Shelving That's why we carry both most major brands and most specialty brands. In addition to the brands listed above we offer Penco, Aurora, Tennsco®, Frazier, Kardex, Pipp, Directline, Tri-Boro, Western Pacific, Estey, Teilhaber Manufacturing, Republic, Rapid Rack, Hallowell, Bulldog Rack, Steel King, Unarco, Speedrack, Ridg-U-Rak, WC Cardinal, Boroughs, Edsal, Lyons, Interlake, Mecalux, Jaken, Clymer, Palmer-Shile, Dexion, Prest, EMI, Frick-Gallagher,Hi-Line, Ridg-U-Rak, Spacerack, Inca, Speedrack, Kingway, Sturdi-Built, Lodi, Unirack, MECO, USP, Monarch, Spedi Bilt, Redirack, Jarke, Klip-It, Kwik-Shelf, Pacific, Durand, Deluxe, Bulldog Rack, Sturdi - Built, Tennsco® Z Line Shelving, Tennsco® Q Line & ESP Shelving, Tennsco® Bookcases, Tennsco® Workbench, Scotland Rack company, Parent Metal Products, QuikPik Gravity Flow Pallet Rack Levels, Relius Solutions Wire Gravity Flow Shelving, Schaefer Gravity Flow Racks, Vestil Gravity Flow Racks, and Wireway/Husky.


Weapons Storage
Weapons Storage
Overhead Cranes in Salt Lake City
Overhead Cranes
Lift Tables Lift Tables Overhead Cranes in Salt Lake City
Overhead Cranes
Remstar Horizontal Carousels


We are working hard to provide the best information on storage. Here are some pages coming soon! Please just phone us if you want information now!

How to store as much as possible in a warehouse
Borroughs Automotive Shelving
warehouse space optimization techniques
warehouse space utilization analysis
space utilization optimization
warehouse space optimization
space utilization in warehouse
warehouse space management
increase warehouse capacity
warehouse space planning
space utilization in warehouse
warehouse space planning
warehouse utilization definition
maximize space utilization
double depth racking
how to maximize your warehouse
warehouse utilization metrics
warehouse utilization
warehouse space management
warehouse stacking methods
warehouse storage ideas
mezzanine installation
how to improve warehouse layout
space maximization
warehouse optimization
how to calculate warehouse space utilization
warehouse storage space
organizing a messy warehouse
warehouse improvement
warehouse organization ideas
how to label warehouse racks
warehouse organization
warehouse improvements ideas
warehouse improvement projects
warehouse efficiency metrics
space utilization in warehouse
warehouse space planning
double depth racking
how to maximize your warehouse
warehouse utilization meaning
warehouse space management
warehouse stacking methods
warehouse storage ideas
mezzanine installation
how to improve warehouse layout
how to calculate warehouse space utilization
warehouse storage space
organizing a messy warehouse
how to manage warehouse inventory
warehouse improvement
warehouse organization ideas
how to label warehouse racks
warehouse organization bins
warehouse improvements ideas
warehouse improvement projects
warehouse operations best practices

Effimatt vertical carousel
highest picking performance vertical carousel
high-speed order picking 
warehouse picking equipment



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