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Past Projects - Radley Acura Automotive Storage Shelving

Radley Acura Auto Storage Shelving 800-326-4403

Past Automotive Shelving & Storage Projects Past Automotive Shelving & Storage Projects

For More Information Call 800-326-4403

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Radley Acura Auto Storage Shelving 800-326-4403

When Radley Acura at Radley Acura 5823 Columbia Pike, Falls Church, VA 22041 needed shelving and storage products in 2012 they called NationWide Shelving. We found the precise shelving for their archiving and automotive parts storage needs at Radley Acura.

Jim Graf googled archive and automotive shelving and found NationWide Shelving and Chris Rodgers. After a phone call regarding the requirments and needs of Radley Acura Chris guided Jim to a solution to several strorage applications. Radley Acura was currently utilizing Jaken Rack and Jaken Automotive Shelving for other applications ranging from archval records to tire rack. Jim was pleased with the value and versatility of the shelving from NationWide Shelving he found installed at the Radley Acura in Falls Church, Washington DC and has continued purchasing for more and more auto applciations.

In addition to the Jaken Auto Storage solutions Nationwide Shelving also can supply Automoticve Shelving from Borroughs and several other manufacturers to best meet the needs of each auto dealersip. Often Auto and Truck Dealerships want shelving to match the color scheme of the dealership and the auto manufacturers they represent. This is typically possible with standard colors. sometimes and for some applications where bins or other things are needed bins of one color and shelves of another color can be used to match the color scheme even better.

they chose particle baord from a variety of options incluing wire deck, correcgated steel deck. installation is very easy so they decided to have it shiopped diectly to them and install it themselves. gurantee deliuvery can be arranged for a littlwe extra dn sometimes helops a cusomter with a preciuse delivy date and time.

Some alterations were required during the installation. This happens many times and NationWide Shelving's experienced installation staff was able to accommodate the changes on the fly.

The flexibins has louvered slotted which allows for easy shelving adjustability at any time. This adjustablility allows future flexiblilty to yound subaru to use the same shelving for large or small parts.

Wide span shelving accommodates their larger parts including fenders and mufflers. Muffler hangers were a specialty item that are a standard for Borroughs automotive shelving!

Shure Automotive Work Benches with stainless steel top were also utilized in this project.

In Utah call 801-328-8788. Outside Utah please call 800-326-4403.

Flexi-Bins from Borroughs organize your small parts inventory. Designed for Autos they are sturdy enough to support a mezzanine. Flexi-Bins slide-in shelves and sliding dividers adjust easily to match changing inventory. Shelves may be raised or lowered when fully loaded, reducing expenses.

Shelves slide in easily
Automatically and safely lock in place
Adjust in 1-1/2 inch increments
No tools need for reconfiguring!!!

Sliding Shelf Divider with built in label holder
Create shelf compartments perfectly sized for your parts. Complete with patented built-in label holder. Bin drawers are also available

Past Automotive Shelving & Storage Projects Past Automotive Shelving & Storage Projects Past Automotive Shelving & Storage Projects Past Automotive Shelving & Storage Projects


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