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  Aisle Saver in Boise Idaho 1-800-326-4403
Aisle Saver Boise Idaho for Medical and other Records
Aisle Saver Electric Mobile Shelving in Boise Idaho
Aisle Saver Boise Idaho for Library Books
Aisle Saver for Art Storage
Aisle Saver Boise Idaho Aisle Saver Boise Idaho
Aisle Saver Boise Idaho with Locking Doors Aisle Saver Side by Side Boise Idaho

About The Aisle Saver Product in Boise Idaho
Aisle Saver systems distributed through NationWide Shelving will save you space over traditional stationary shelving. These Aisle Saver systems eliminate the need for multiple aisles and replace them with additional shelving units, making the most use of your valuable space. Aisle Saver manufactured in Kalamazoo Michigan by Borroughs Corporation at 3002 N. Burdick St. Kalamazoo, Mi 49004 US. Before that it was manufactured by White Power Files, Inc. at 50 Boright Ave. Kenilworth, Nj 07033 US.

Chris Rodgers
Custom Design

Aisle Saver Salt Lake City Aisle Saver by White
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Aisle Saver by  Borroughs Aisle Saver in Salt Lake City
Whether it be a Manual, Mechanical Assist, or Electrical Aisle Saver Design, We have the know how, and product line to make sure you have the exact system to fit your needs.

Applications for Aisle Saver in Boise Idaho
Applications are varied as library to office to heavy industrial storage. Files from medical charts to legal records. Police Evidence to Clean Room storage in a hospital or research facility. For School District Test booklets to Air Craft Parts. From Museum Collections to Art Collections. For Industrial Shelving, Pallet Racks and lighter duty office shelving.

Products Aisle Saver Offers in Boise Idaho
Manual, Mechanical, Side By Side, Lateral and Electric Systems.

Quality and Value

Our Aisle Saver systems are manufactured by Borroughs, a leader in steel storage products. Since Nationwide Shelving is the top shelving provider in the nation, we are able to keep our prices low, virtually beating any price for our products on the market today.

With Borroughs' High-Density Mobile Storage Systems.
The ultimate in high density storage systems. With the push of a button or near effortless turn of a handle, an aisle can be created when and where needed. Smart technology and user-friendly controls provide safe, reliable performance. With the Aisle-Saver high density mobile storage systems, space management has never looked better, or worked better with new levels of safe and reliable performance.
These state-of-the-art systems are available in electric, mechanical assist or manual models that reduce and reclaim space by eliminating all but the aisle in use. When you consider the alternatives, Borroughs Aisle-Saver systems are a remarkably economical way to add space, increase capacity, defer moves, scale back expenditures, improve productivity and morale and increase security.
But Aisle-Saver systems are not only for files. They are also a perfect solution for:
Law Libraries
Public & Private Libraries
Health Care Storage
Government Offices
Fine Art Storage
Archival Storage
Media Storage
Archeological Storage
Back-Room Storage
Files or Folders
Parts or Supplies...and more!
There are three types of Aisle-Saver Compacting Mobile Systems: Electrical, Mechanical Assist, & Manual. There is also a Lateral Aisle-Saver System.


Electrical Aisle-Saver System
ELS 1000 - "Smart" Technology for Unmatched Performance and Reliability
Borroughs ELS 1000 Aisle-Saver system features solid-state electronics for fast installation, improved reliability and enhanced safety. Our "plus-and-play" components save time and money on initial installation. And, fewer moving parts offer increased system reliability and enhanced productivity.
"Smart" technology provides advanced functionality for improved performance and a closer relationship between the operator and the system. Maximum flexibility in programming allows users to easily "customize" for desired security and safety. Also, the software is designed for easy upgrading as additional features become available.
Electronic Aisle Control Pad - The touch pad control has been designed for easy operation. There is no special training or programming needed for new users. All system functions are clear and easy to understand, with no moving parts to fail. Just the press of a button opens a 36" wide aisle in eight seconds.
Patented Light Carpet® - Borroughs exclusive Active Safety System will not allow an aisle to close if persons or objects enter the aisle and do not leave the aisle. Light Carpet sensors, placed on 3" centers, track personnel and objects along the entire length of the carriage. Not affected by heat or load conditions, the system makes it virtually impossible to inadvertently close an aisle on a person or valuable object.
LCD Master Control - The numerical touch pad is standard for controlled/keyless entry. An LCD diagnostic status monitor displays the location of the obstruction within the system. Obstructions are easily found and cleared. The system will not allow the aisle to close until it is cleared and the control is reset.
Safety System Integration - The Borroughs ELS 1000 System can interface with any known electro-mechanical safety device. Integration with building environmental systems such as fire suppression, alarms, and HVAC, can provide and automated response to changing conditions or establish off-hour positioning.
Standard Features of the ELS 1000:
No limit switches or plungers-minimizing potential for mechanical failure.
Soft start and stop for extended motor life and storage media protection.
Any safety activation stops unit movement immediately.
Sequential carriage movement minimizes power consumption.
No keys or transponders required for programming or operation.
Authorized users can be required to enter access code for secure operation.
Modular design-select only the features you need.
Electrical systems are U.L. Listed.
Meets applicable ADA requirements for accessibility.
Programming Features:
Problems quickly diagnosed for reduced downtime and repair expense.
Aisle spacing can be reconfigured to accept any depth of media.
The supervisory override controls all system features and permissions.
Security levels can be set to prevent unauthorized entry.
Unit can be programmed to reset automatically or manually at user option.
No reprogramming is necessary if power is interrupted.
Aisles can be locked down for convenience during peak periods.
Optional Safety Features:
Aisle Entry Protection-detects entry at the threshold of the system.
Light Carpet-is our patented array of infrared sensors, running the entire length of the carriage to prevent an inadvertent aisle closure on a person or object.
Carriage Infrared Sweeps-run the entire length of the carriage, at the leading edge, to detect persons or objects in the aisles.
Fire Park Position-can be set to open or close carriages at user option.
Anti-tip Protection-to meet seismic requirements or where applicable.
Safety Beacon-provides visual indication of an aisle opening.
Warning Horn-provides an audible signal of an aisle opening.
Optional Convenience and Security Features:
Uninterrupted Power Supply-provides back up in case of power outage.
Dual Controls-are available for access from either side.
Automatic Aisle Lighting-that illuminates only when the aisle opens.
Carriage Lock-allows selected carriages to remain open during high traffic periods or to remain closed for security.
Aisle Lock-for controlled or restricted access.
Manual Override-to access the system in the event of a power outage.
Time Delay Movement-can automatically close an unoccupied aisle.
Key Code Access-allows supervisor to assign varying levels of accessibility.
Load: 1000 lbs./lineal foot
Carriage Lengths: 3' to 60'
Carriage Widths: 15" to 60"
36" Aisle Opens in eight seconds
Solid State Electronic Controls
Passive and Active Safety Systems
U.L. Listed 24 volt D.C. 1/7 hp Motor
ADA Compliant
Five Year Warranty
115 VAC, 50/60 Hz Power Supply


Mechanical Assist Aisle-Saver System
MA 1000
The Mechanical Assist Control incorporates a direct chain drive system transferring the force from the 3-spoke handle directly to the drive shaft, which in turn drives every wheel on one side of each movable carriage. A visual safety knob is located above the handle and is used to lock the carriages on either side of the open aisle.
The Ergonomic Three Spoke Handles are free-turning ball handles which lend to the clean lines of the system while providing maximum functionality, and reduce Carpal-Tunnel problems for users. The Double Gear Reduction feature allows movement of a 6,000 pound payload with as little as one pound of effort on the crank handle.
All wheels on one side of each movable carriage are interconnected by solid steel shafts. All axle (wheel) to shaft connections use a high torque steel coupler with four nylock set screws and 1/4" keyways fitted with keys.
Manual Controls
Passive & Active safety systems
Carriage Length: 3' to 60'
Carriage Width: 15" to 60"
Load: 1000 lbs./lineal Ft. (Loads to 2000 lbs./lineal Ft Available)
1 lb effort moves 6000 lbs
Other gear ratios
Dual Control with lock/unlock capabilities from either end
Passive Aisle Lock™ protection & Dual Passive Aisle Lock™ protection
Seismic/Anti-Tilt track
Superior Aesthetics - Clean lines, no exposed fasteners
Ease of carriage movement
Safety lock feature for operator protection
Easy maintenance without unloading stored materials
All exposed metal surfaces are painted


Manual Aisle-Saver System
MM 1000
Designed as the economical alternative to mechanical assist and electrical units, Borroughs MM 1000 Manual Movable unit is perfect for lighter weight products. With Borroughs' Manual Moveable Carriages, one lb of effort moves 300 lbs. Anti-tilt option is available.
Carriage Length: 3' to 16'
Carriage Width: 15" to 60"


Lateral Aisle-Saver System
Particularly well suited for perimeter wall installations or narrow situations where other forms of high density storage are inappropriate. With their free rolling flanged wheels, Lateral Aisle-Saver sections are easily moved for complete access. Carriage sections are reconfigurable and easy to move as functional requirements and office configurations change.
2 or 3 rows deep
3'/3.5' or 4' section widths
10"/12"/13.2"/15" or 18" carriage depths
Unlimited Module Width

Borroughs Corporation



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