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Akro-Mils Storage
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State of Utah Contract:
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Akro-Mils Storage

Akro-Mils Storage

About Akro-Mils Storage:

Akro-Mils is a storage, organization, and material handling provider. Akro-Mils were founded in 1933 and are a Myers Industries Incorporation. Since 1947 they have been providing plastic and metal products to help customers with organization and storage solutions.

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Plastic Storage Containers:

Akro-Mils Storage AkroBins Plastic hand and stack storage bins are standard in the industry. The bins are stacked rails, panels, suspend on racks, and stack on shelves.
Akro-Mils Storage

Universal Hanging Bins

The bins hang from its four corners and increase the storage space on shelving unit.

Akro-Mils Storage

Super-Size AkroBins

These bins are designed to store and organize bulky products.

Akro-Mils Storage Attached Lid Containers Lid containers are attached to this container which is made of a plastic material. They are perfect for general storage.
Akro-Mils Storage Nest & Stack Totes

These Heavy-Duty reusable carries are industrial grade and stackable. 

Akro-Mils Storage ShelfMax8 Bins

23 available sizes available, bins are 8” tall.

Akro-Mils Storage Shelf Max 6" Bins

These totes are 6” tall and maximize your storage capacity with 5 new sizes.

Akro-Mils Storage Shelf Bins 4" Replacement costs for this product are reduced and they can outlast corrugated bins.
Akro-Mils Storage Mobile Super-Size AkroBins

This product makes the transport of bulky items to be easy and convenient.

Akro-Mils Storage AkroBins 1800 Series This product is designed to handle bulky, large, and heavy items and have a deep pocket.
Akro-Mils Storage Plastic Cabinets This product has indestructible clear drawers that allow organization of small tools, parts, and hardware.
Akro-Mils Storage InSight Bins

These bins hang and are clear which allow full visibility to contents.

Akro-Mils Storage Akro-Grid Dividable Boxes

Custom made containers that keep contents separated, safe, and secured.

Akro-Mils Storage Akro-Tubs Food applications are approved for these tubs and are strong enough for the roughest of industrial jobs.
Akro-Mils Storage Easy Flow Gravity Hopper

Available in two sizes—first storage hopper

Akro-Mils Storage AkroDrawers

Dust free and secure drawer. Protects, covers, and stores any and all contents.

Akro-Mils Storage Economy Shelf Bins This product is the only small applications bin that can stack.
Akro-Mils Storage ESD Containers These bins are produced to protect any sensitive electronic mechanisms.
Akro-Mils Storage Indicator Bins

Bin has a restock trigger color which allows you to know when bin needs to be refilled.

Akro-Mils Storage Multi-Load Totes Perfect for AS/RS systems. It is the most multipurpose straight wall container and has available dividers and partition cups.
Akro-Mils Storage Stak-N-Store Bins

Bins are perfect for bulky and heavy items and have a wide hooper front.

Akro-Mils Storage Straight Wall Containers Bins are most efficient on trucks and pallets and are offered in either solid or mesh.
Akro-Mils Storage System Bins This product is a 6 compartment bin and is highly effective in kitting, assembly lines, or work processes.
Akro-Mils Storage TiltViews Dust free and clear bins that are available in 6 sizes.

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Akro-Mils Storage Accessories Lids

Provides protection against dust and secures parts more by adding lids to the bins, containers, and totes.

Akro-Mils Storage Accessories Dividers & Inserts

Allows you to sort and divide all products amongst each other

Akro-Mils Storage Accessories Labels & Labels Holders

Organization is made easy by labeling the bins and totes.

Akro-Mils Storage Accessories Cabinet Accessories

 Extend steel cabinets

Akro-Mils Storage Accessories Clips & Brackets

Holds bins in place. The brackets allow easy flow gravity hoppers to be attached to panels.

Akro-Mils Storage Accessories Mobile Kits

Wheel Accessories

Akro-Mils Storage Accessories Dolly Hooks Hook for Dolly
Akro-Mils Storage Accessories Windows

Clear Windows fit in the front of the super-sized AkroBins.

Akro-Mils Storage Accessories Rail Kits

Allows carts and bins to be added on the ProCart and the steel rail kits attach to the wall.

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Platform Trucks, Hand Trucks & Skids:

Akro-Mils Storage Trucks Wood Platform Trucks

Wood platform truck is made of hardwood deck and kiln-dried tongue; steel frame is optional.

Akro-Mils Storage Trucks Steel Platform Trucks

Steel truck rated at 13-gauge, removable crossbar handles, powder coated, and steel deck.

Akro-Mils Storage Trucks ULTRA/Deck Platform Trucks

Platform truck with structural foam.

Akro-Mils Storage Trucks VERSA/Deck Platform Trucks

Platform truck with structural foam.

Akro-Mils Storage Trucks Hand Trucks

Available in Medium-Duty or Heavy-Duty also includes gas cylinder trucks.

Akro-Mils Storage Trucks Super Heavy Duty Platform Trucks

The Heavy-Duty version of the wood platform truck. It is made of a hardwood deck, kiln-dried tongue and powder-coated steel frame.

Akro-Mils Storage Trucks Work Height Platform Trucks

The Work Height Platform Trucks have fixed or adjustable heights. The product provides a convenient workspace that is also mobile.

Akro-Mils Storage Trucks Skids

Skids are made of groove hardwood deck with a durable tongue. It can hold up to 2,200 lbs.

Akro-Mils Storage Trucks Skid Lift Jacks

Skids Lift Jacks are for moving semi-live skids

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Cabinets, Bin Racks, Shelving & Panels:

Akro-Mils Storage Shelving Louvered Systems

The louvered systems is a Heavy Duty rated at 16-guage, it includes a powder coated steel panels, bench racks and floor racks.

Akro-Mils Storage Shelving Wire Shelving Starter Units

This Wire Shelving starter kit has 4 shelf levels.

Akro-Mils Storage Shelving

Wire Shelving Components

Wire Shelving Components are available to customize the wire shelving unit levels.
Akro-Mils Storage Shelving Rail Racks

Rail Racks are powder-coated and rated at 16-gauge.

Akro-Mils Storage Shelving Steel Shelving & Bin Packages

This package includes bins and adjustable steel shelving.

Akro-Mils Storage Shelving Steel Cabinets

Various sizes available, made of steel, storage cabinet

Akro-Mils Storage Shelving Pick Racks

Pick Racks are available in single-sided or double-sided. This high-density storage unit has angled shelf levels.

Akro-Mils Storage Shelving Akro-Tub Racks

The Akro-Tub Racks have welded steel frames with bolt-on casters. It holds the Akro-tubs and Cross-Stack Akro-Tubs.  

Akro-Mils Storage Shelving Wire Shelving & Bins Packages This package includes bins and a wire shelf unit.

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Carts, Dollies & Work Tables:

Akro-Mils Storage Shelving Dollies

This Heavy-Duty Dolly comes in various designs.

Akro-Mils Storage Shelving Box Trucks

The Box Truck is power-coated and available in solid or mesh. The unit is 13 gauge and can hold up to 1,800 lbs.

Akro-Mils Storage Shelving

Akro-Tilt Trucks

The Akro-Tilt Trucks are great for waste transport. The heavy duty design works great with automatic dumpers thanks to ability to tilt.

Akro-Mils Storage Shelving Akro-Carts

This low profile plastic cart with a wide mouth makes bulk transport easy.

Akro-Mils Storage Shelving Tray Service Carts

Durable steel, holds up to 2,200 lbs., 13-gauge, and an extra deep tray.

Akro-Mils Storage Shelving Table & Shelf Carts

The Table & Shelf Cart ships fully assembled; it is 13-gauge, powder-coated, and holds up to 2,200 lbs.

Akro-Mils Storage Shelving Louvered Carts

This Heavy Duty cart holds up to 800 lbs., is 16-gauge, powder-coated steel, with an butcher block on top.

Akro-Mils Storage Shelving ProCarts

The ProCarts hold up to 400 lbs., they are a lightweight, convertible, rust-proof utility cart.

Akro-Mils Storage Shelving Work Tables

The Work tables and benches are industrial-grade and made with a durable powder-coated steel.

Akro-Bin Carts

With this Handled Cart the Super-Size AkroBins are now mobile.

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Portable & Small Parts Storage:

Akro-Mils Storage Small Parts Tool & Tote Caddies

The Tool & Tote Caddies are great for medical, industrial, and home use. They are an easy way to store tools or supply organization.  

Akro-Mils Storage Small Parts Supply Boxes

A heavy-duty toolbox or craft supply box.

Akro-Mils Storage Small Parts

Rotating Shelving

This compact unit has 24 compartments and a mobile rotating stand.  

Akro-Mils Storage Small Parts Portable Organizers

This portable organizer is great for small parts storage such as screws, hardware or craft supplies. The case snaps closed for stress-free mobility.

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At NationWide Shelving, we provide the highest quality products and services, and the absolute best value in our industry. Additionally, our sales and installation experts are professionals who have been trained to provide the most accurate information and the highest quality installation services in the industry.

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