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ASRS Horizontal Carousel
ASRS Horizontal Carousel
ASRS Systems Improve your productivity
ASRS Horizontal Carousel
ASRS Horizontal Carousel ASRS Systems Improve your productivity
ASRS Shuttles
ASRS Shuttle
ASRS Vertical Carousel
ASRS Shuttles
ASRS Shuttle
ASRS Vertical Carousel
ASRS Vertical Carousels
ASRS Vertical Carousels

ASRS Manufacturers:

Kardex Remstar, Hanel

ASRS Customers:


Parker Seals




AG Trucking

US Post Office:

LDS Church

VA Hospital

VA Hospital Sheridan,WY

Boise Air Guard

Boise Medical Center in Mountain Home Idaho

Nellis AFB

National Park Service

Sacred Heart Hospital

St. George City Bldg


Montana Army National Guard

Montana Air National Guard

Malstrom AFB

Varion Medical

Carpenters Union Las Vegas,NV.

Travis AFB California

Army National Guard

Third District Court SLC,UT

INL Idaho Falls,ID

SKS Poly Seal

L3 Communications

Davis County Schools

Minot AFB


Description and Definition of ASRS in

We have provided hundreds ASRS solutions nationwide as well worldwide. We are ready to help you pick an ASRS system. An ASRS System stands for Automated Storage and Retrieval System. ASRS Systems help to control inventory, reduce pilferage, and makes business more competive by maximizing each employees productivty and makes the best use of your floor space. While many product types now fall into this category of products the general principal remains the same. Machines typically move either horizontally or vertically to move your material handling items right to the operator via computer controllers into a specific place. Units can adjust the size and space between shelves for storage spaces so that the entire cube can be utilized. The computer can also recall which items you retrieve most often and place them closer so retrieval time is shortest for the most active parts. This allows for improved productivity, improved use of floor save, and typically both.

With an offering of virtually unlimited load capacities and sizes ASRS systems have been a great solution for almost any kind of storage you can think of. The bottom line is it saves you floor space and makes you more productive. Lately ASRS Systems have been a chosen solution because they promotes "green building". Since they allows such great storage in such a small footprint it allows architects and designers to build a smaller building. In fact a greener building.

The case for building "Green"

Performance is Environmental Stewardship
Ergonomics is Social Responsibility
Productivity is Economic Prosperity

ASRS give a reduced footprint advantage for storage of all types.

Reducing building footprint meets the goal of executive order 13423-sustanability

Environmental stewardship means smarter buildings, not bigger buildings.

Types of ASRS Systems 800-326-4403

There are many types of ASRS including Horizontal Carousels, Vertical Carousels, Lifts, Mini Loads, VLM - Vertical Lift Modules, and Shuttles.

ASRS Applications

Zip Codes, Cities and Area Codes NationWide Shelving offers ASRS Sales, Parts, Service, and Equipment Relcoation/Moves

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