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Aurora Boltless Shelving
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Aurora Boltless Shelving

About Aurora Boltless Shelving:

Aurora Boltless Shelving has been a staple for shelving dealers for many years. It is truly an amazing quality product. We can go on and on about the specifications but I can tell you from many years of installing all types of shelving nothing beats Aurora Shelving. Why? Well when you have been selling Aurora Shelving for so many years you have installed hundreds of jobs. Some significant things about aurora Shelving that make it the best Boltless shelving for many application are:

1) Thing move these days. When you take down, disassemble, most manufactures shelving to reassemble or reconfigure the shelving system, it never goes together just right and is not rock solid. Well, with Auroora Boltless shelving it goes together the second and third time just a sturdy and perfect as the first time. It is because of the way it is made. most manufactures shelving products get holes where the supports fit that start to go out of shape. aurora stays perfect! So it goes together again and again just l;ike the first time.

2) Aurora Boltless Shelving product ships complete, on time, and arrives without freight damage. When customers order they have something to go on the shelving. Customers need it now, and installed complete so they can put their products or inventories on it right away. Aurora is the safest bet.

3) Durability. Not only is the Aurora Boltless Shelving durable in the sense of install, tear down, re install; the paint finish is out of this world! Takes a beating keeps on ticking as someone famous said. =)


Modular In-Plant Office Workspace

Aurora Boltless Office File Shelving

The standard in office file shelving Aurora Boltless shelving has been there almost as long as the file folder itself. available in an endless variety of colors to fit every decor with standard colors that have stood the test of time with designers from coast to coast. Durability, elegant looks and the highest functionality for the task.

Modular In-Plant Office Workspace 

Aurora Boltless Shelving for Industrial use

Dress it up or dress it down it is all the same. Durable and sturdy. strong enough for heavy industrial usage and good looking enough for the most elegant law firm.

Modular In-Plant Office Workspace

Aurora Boltless Library Shelving

For traditional city county and public libraries to corporate libraries the adjustability and beauty required by designers around the world.

Modular In-Plant Office Workspace

Aurora Boltless Shelving on Aurora High Density Mobile Shelving

Wow!!!! Put it on a track system. It's like making space. Put your stiff in less space, make yourslef a bigger office! =)

Modular In-Plant Office Workspace

Aurora Boltless Shelving with Swing Out Doors

Wowzza. Add doors for sensitive or messy stuff.

Modular In-Plant Office Workspace

Aurora Boltless Shelving with Roll-out Drawers

Yikes! hanging files, sensitive stuff or ackward messy stuff that needs to be in a drawer. Out of site, out of mind.


At NationWide Shelving, we provide the highest quality products and services, and the absolute best value in our industry. Additionally, our sales and installation experts are professionals who have been trained to provide the most accurate information and the highest quality installation services in the industry.

Find out why NationWide Shelving is a leader in Pallet Rack sales!

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