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State of Utah Contract:
MA 1231




Automotive Shelving 866-328-5066

Automotive Tire Racks
Automotive Shelving for Auto Parts Storage
Automotive Shelving for Tire Racks Automotive Shelving for auto parts storage
Automotive Parts Shelving with Drawers
Automotive Shelving for Mufflers
Automotive Parts Shelving with Drawers Automotive Shelving for Mufflers
Automotive Shelving for Parts Inventory
Automotive Shelving for Sales Records and Files
Automotive Shelving for Parts Inventory Automotive Shelving for Sales Records and Files
Automotive Small Parts Drawer Shelving
Mobile Automotive Shelving
Automotive Small Parts Drawer Shelving Mobile Automotive Shelving

Automotive Shelving in Salt Lake City for Sales Records and Files


Automotive Shelving for Dealerships and their suppliers. We offer everything for the automotive industry from light parts storage to heavy duty pallet rack and automated storage solutions.

We have what you need. Our business is to weigh your goals, and deliver a system to compliment them. We even have solutions for automotive sales and accounting files in the office!

Your parts department should operate as a profit center! Don't let your technicians be slow to complete a project because the part is not in stock or simply can not be located. Drawers can allow for such dense and organized storage of small automotive parts. One key is putting your fastest moving parts close to the technician counter.

Flexi Bins really allows for change and adaptability in the automotive parts industry.

We can help you deign and a parts department to maximize this expensive space and contribute to the efficiency of the entire dealership.

Bumper storage racks can put the bumpers up so the bottom ones don't get squished and mis configured.

Software can be used to show 3d drawing of your parts department so you can visualize your parts department area in the design phase.

Often benches for the shop are placed with stainless steel tops and caster bottoms.

Mezzanines can also be an integral part of automotive parts department shelving system for maximum usage of this expansive space. You really need to have your parts in stock to move cars and automobiles through for maximum profit.

We design parts departments with shelving and cabinets that provide durability, efficiency and value.

Body parts storage. Wholesaler Dealers.

As the world becomes automated so is the parts department. Automated Robotic Vertical Carousels and Lifts are showing up more and more in parts departments to compliment shelving and cabinets for a full solution in todays parts departments. Vertical Carousels and lifts for auto parts storage can allow you to utilize floor to ceiling space without needing to reach or climb stairs for parts retrieval.

For more details on Automotive Shelving, call NationWide Shelving at 1-866-328-5066 or Email us at Info@NationWideShelving.com

Automotive Shelving Vendors:

Richards Wilcox
J and D
Vidir, Tri Boro
Parent Metal


Q: Can you help us design our parts depart so we have the correct parts in the correct place as much as we can?

A: Yes we can help you design a parts department to have the correct part in the correct place.

Q Can you do 3d layouts so we can see what is looks it?

A: Yes 3d drawings are available

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Wholesale Parts Houses
Auto Parts
Automotive parts
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