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GSA Mobile Shelving
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State of Utah Contract:
MA 1231
State of Utah Contract:
MA 1231
Online Shelving Catalog

Online Shelving Catalog



Borroughs parts Department Shelving 800-326-4403

Borroughs parts Department Shelving

Borroughs parts Department Shelving
Borroughs parts Department Shelving
Borroughs parts Department Shelving

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Borroughs parts Department Shelving
Borroughs parts Department Shelving

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In Utah 801-328-8788

Outside Utah at 800-326-4403


Borroughs parts Department Shelving for Automotive, Health Care, Records Center, Manufaturing, Office, Industrial, Libraries, Schools, Distribution Centers and you!

Custom Design 800-326-4403

Our highly trained designers assure you get the most possible storage. From very simple to very complex solutions for all types and applications of shelving, including sophisticated multi-level and modular, and automated storage applications.

Borroughs parts Department Shelving Systems are carefully engineered systems designed to provide highly efficient storage

Products Burroughs Offers:

Flexi-Bins, HD Drawers, Aisle-Saver®, Box Edge Plus®, Record Master®, Rivet-Span®, Storage Cabinets, Shop Furniture, Musuem Storage Cabinets, Pro-Series Multi-Level Systems, and Wilsonstak®Library Shelving.

Unparalleled Experience

With decades of hands on design, installation, and manufacturing experience, no other shelving company has the expertise to match that of NationWide Shelving. We have installed thousands of Penco shelving systems all over the nation. We understand the storage challenges you face, and have designers ready to create innovative solutions.

Quality and Value

Borough's wide variety of industrial shelving to make your workplace more organized and productive


High Rise Shelving

Press Lock shelves seen above in every third section

The small parts distributed at the Ontario California location are best stored on smooth steel shelves (as opposed to wire decking typically used in high rise or pallet rack applications). The Press Lock shelf provided a much smoother storage surface than wire decks, while supporting a 400-lb. capacity similar to the solid steel shelves. Because the Press Lock grating shelves install the same as Burroughs Box Edge shelves and use the same shelf bracket, the installation went smoothly and efficiently.

High Rise Shelving

When all was said and done, HC Pacific had 334 new open-style shelves with closed ends. The unique Press Lock solution allowed HC Pacific to comply with all building and fire codes while using the type of shelving that best suited their storage needs.

Burroughs Hauls Shelving to Louisville for MATS

We were excited to exhibit last week at Louisville's annual Mid-America Truck Show, or MATS - the world's biggest heavy duty trucking event. Burroughs exhibited for the first time at MATS March 21-23, and experienced better than anticipated success. We look forward to distributing the many leads to our dealer base.

Show President Toby Young gives his take on the success of this year's show:

The 2013 Mid-America Trucking Show marked another incredible year for the show and once again lived up to being "the three biggest days on the heavy-duty trucking calendar". Throughout the event, the show floor teemed with qualified attendees and exhibiting companies taking full advantage of the unparalleled face-to-face environment that MATS provides. With exhibitor and media events, live demos, product unveils, and seminars; MATS once again provided the best opportunity in the industry to research the latest in heavy-duty.

We and the entire industry are looking forward to MATS 2014, so please mark your calendars for March 27-29, 2014.

High Rise Shelving

New High-Rise Units Utilizing Press-Lock Grating

High Rise Shelving - Seismic Zone Storage Meets Strict Requirements

SK Systems was able to put together a unique high-rise storage design that would meet stringent fire codes. Fire codes require flue spaces for every 24 sq. ft. footprint of solid shelves. But doing so is not easily or economically achieved in clip-type steel shelving such as Box Edge Plus, which is what is normally used for high-rise storage applications.

The solution to meeting the tough fire code requirements was to use "Press-Lock" grating for every third shelving unit. Using the open grate shelves every third unit created the necessary flue space without adding extra shelving parts.

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