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  Bulldog Push Back Pallet Rack Products 800-326-4403
Bulldog Push Back Rack
Bulldog Push Back Rack


About Bulldog Push Back Pallet Rack 800-326-4403

NationWide Shelving offers Bulldog Push Back Pallet Rack Products for Industrial Storage. Bulldog Rack Company is a leading manufacturer in the storage equipment industry, offering a full line of racks to meet the demands of an ever-changing warehouse environment. Bulldog's high-strength structural rack provides the additional resistance to forklift abuse not available with traditional roll-formed posts.

Increased Density
Today's challenge in warehousing is to store an ever increasing number of pallets, with an ever increasing number of products in a fixed storage space. These two factors pull in opposite directions. Pushback storage increases the pallet count, while offering many more pick faces than traditional high density storage systems like drive-in.

How It Works
Each pushback lane is equipped with a pair of inclined rails and a series of nested carts (i.e., 4 carts in a 5 deep system). The first pallet is placed by the lift truck on the top cart. He loads the second pallet by pushing back the first load and placing it on the next exposed cart. Pallets three and four are loaded similarly. The last pallet is placed on the rails themselves. When removing product, the lift truck takes out the front pallet allowing the pallets on carts behind it to roll gently to the front of the rack. Watch Video

When Does Pushback Apply?
When the average number of pallets per product exceeds five, a pushback system is easily justified. The higher the number, the deeper the lane is feasible (usually 3 lanes per product minimum). These multiple lanes allow rotation to achieve first-in first-out (FIFO). Steadiflo pushback systems can be configured to attain up to 100% more pallets stored than standard pallet racking and equal or greater increases over poorly occupied drive-in or floor storage configurations.

1 - 4 ....................... STANDARD RACK
5 - 8 ....................... 2 DEEP PUSHBACK
9 -12 ....................... 2 - 3 DEEP PUSHBACK
13 - 16 ....................... 3 - 4 DEEP PUSHBACK
17 - 20 ....................... 4 - 5 DEEP PUSHBACK
OVER 20 ....................... 5 - 6 DEEP PUSHBACK

System Flexibility
3D Steadiflo is available in 2,3,4,5 and 6 deep styles and can be arranged as back to back islands or stand alone bays. Number of levels high restricted only by lift truck reach. No special fork trucks are required. Pushback systems are fully operational in freezers, coolers and high temperature environments

Pushback Accessibility
As shown in this 4 deep example below these are 12 pick faces on the pushback system on the left on only 4 pick faces on the drive-in system. the results in higher occupancy and longer honey combing.

Features & Benefits of Bulldog Push Back Rack

Bulldog uses a unique design that provides trouble free operation as well as extensive built-in safety features. Structural steel construction ensures long life in tough warehouse environments.

Steadiflo has a lower profile than other cart type systems. This allows for extra lift clearance and may even mean the difference of an extra level.

Our wheels are manufactured from solid steel and are equipped with heavy duty bearings. Sturdy 5/8” shafts are welded to the carts and are oversized to withstand shock loading, capacities of up to 1,400 lbs. per wheel.

Carts are linked when extended, eliminating the possibility of single pallet hang-ups. Without this feature, it would be possible for a pallet to become temporarily lodged at the back of a lane, release, and travel in an uncontrolled manner to the load end, spilling the load. The resultant potential for damage to product, and more importantly, personal injury, is obvious. No pushback product is complete without this important safety feature.

Each cart is equipped with lift-out protectors, which prevent accidental dislodgement of a cart by the fork lift operator.

Height Gauge – When loading a pallet, the operator knows that if the load is high enough to clear the safety stop, then the pallet will not prematurely move the awaiting cart.
Strip-Off Stop – If, after placing a pallet, the operator has his forks in an improper tilt position, the safety stop will catch the bottom of the pallet and “strip” it off his forks.
End Stop – The safety stop, which is situated on the lowest cart and protrudes 3/4” above the highest cart, prevents pallets from shifting beyond the front load beam.
Push Plate – Pushing on the plate with the last pallet being inserted into the lane ensures proper placement on the rails as well as guaranteeing safe clearance of the cart.
Lane Full Indicator – The operator can tell if a lane is full by the absence of the safety stop. If it is not showing at the front, the last cart has been loaded and there is a pallet on the rails – a full lane.


Applications for Bulldog Push Back Pallet Rack
The list of applications for Bulldog Push Back Pallet Rack is long. The short list includes Automotive Parts Storage, Parts Storage, and Industrial Warehouse Shelving.

Products Bulldog Offers 800-326-4403

    • Storage Rack Systems
    • Structural Selective Rack
    • Hi Line Storage Systems
    • Secure Pin Cantilever Rack
    • Structural Cantilever Rack
    • Drive In / Drive Thru Systems
    • PushBack Systems
    • Pallet Flow
    • Rack Supported Buildings
    • Custom Fabrications Services

Unparalleled Experience 800-326-4403
With decades of hands on design, installation, and manufacturing experience, few shelving companies have the expertise to match that of NationWide Shelving. We have installed thousands of shelving systems all over the nation. We understand the storage challenges you face, and have designers ready to create innovative solutions.

Quality and Value

Bulldog Push Back Pallet Rack is a leader in steel storage products, and that allows us to deliver a product with quality second to no other. Since Nationwide Shelving is a top shelving provider, we are able to keep our prices low, virtually beating any price for our products on the market today.

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