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  Carousel for Electronics

THE CLIENT: Precision Assembly

 Located in Orem, Utah, Precision Assembly, Inc. is an Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) company that provides printed circuit board assembly services (PCB, PCBA) to regional OEM companies. Over the past 16 years, Precision Assembly has experienced substantial growth and now serves customers throughout the Western Region in industries that include: 

  • Medical
  • Industrial Instrumentation
  • Educational Technologies
  • Home Automation/Lighting Controls


Standard and traditional storage was in need of being replaced with new and advanced technology. Automated robotic storage is modern in today's age, and certainly is the best kind of storage system for large floor and ceiling space, especially for a high-tech company like Precision Assembly.


The Hanel Rotomat Industrial Carousel was sold by NationWide Shelving. This advanced storage system provided the best solution for the electronic manufacturing company.


The Feature: Storage carousels are robotically operated, which quickly rotates shelf levels. The desired items are automatically brought within the user's reach.

The Advantage: Bending, climbing, and / or walking long distances is no longer needed to search for electronic parts. This prevents injury, such as physical strain on a person's back or falling off a ladder to the ground.

The Benefit: Stored electronic items, such as printed circuit boards, can be retrieved in seconds. This increases productivity for companies, since hired employees spend less time searching and retrieving electronic devices.


Hanel Rotomat Industrial Carousels are price cutting and efficient, which optimizes procedures, increases flexibility, and lowers costs. With these carousels for electronics, up to 60% more storage capacity is possible. The Hanel Rotomat vertical carousel makes great use of available room height.




Carousel for Electronics

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