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Cotterman Single Track-Steel Ladder

Cotterman Single Track-Steel Ladder

About Cotterman Ladders Company:

Cotterman is a company that specializes in all different types of ladders and they strive at delivering the lowest cost of ladders as well as providing quality ladders. Cotterman ladders are made in the USA.

Single Track-Steel Ladder:

Cotterman Single Track-Steel Ladder

Stress-free Access to Shelves in Small Storage Spaces

The smooth rolling upper track fixture and wheels allow for easy movement of the ladder along the track. On the front shelf edge is the upper rolling trolley fixture which is mounted to the straight track. The steps have rough tread for the user to keep their balance. The ladder is made of rugged all-welded steel which features 5” deep by 14” wide steps.

Quick Access, Easy to Use, Easy to Store

The Ladder is positioned at an 80º against the shelf. The bottom wheel has a brake to prevent the ladder from moving when in use. The ladder is designed to be easily stored. The ladder has a tight vertical position against the shelves which allow the user access to the equipment in the aisle. Oak rolling library ladders & single track wooden ladders are available.

Ordering Series 7180 Ladders & Track (Or call NationWide Shelving for ladders specifically designed for your space)

First measure the mounting area for the track, use the chart below. The maximum height is about 5-6 feet above the top height shown.

Single Track-Steel
Model No. Steps Base Width Highest Stand Height Track Ht. Range Shipping Weight Tread Step Dimensions
7180-5 5 29" 50" 86"-95" 50 lbs. A5 5" x 14"
7180-6 6 29" 60" 96"-105" 55 lbs. A5 5" x 14"
7180-7 7 29" 70" 106"-115" 60 lbs. A5 5" x 14"
7180-8 8 29" 80" 116"-125" 65 lbs. A5 5" x 14"
7180-9 9 29" 90" 126"-135" 70 lbs. A5 5" x 14"
7180-10 10 29" 100" 136"-145" 75 lbs. A5 5" x 14"
7180-11 11 29" 110" 146"-155" 80 lbs. A5 5" x 14"

Track and Mounting Hardware
# 78 Black Oxide Track in 10' Sections
SD5 Splicing Dowel Necessary for Connection of Track Section

L101 Right End Stop Bracket for Horizontal Shelf Mounting

L102 Left End Stop Bracket for Horizontal Shelf Mounting

L103 Centre Bracket for Horizontal Shelf Mounting

L151 Right End Stop Bracket for Vertical Shelf Mounting

L152 Left End Stop Bracket for Vertical Shelf Mounting

L153 Centre Bracket for Vertical Upright Mounting

Order by Phone!
Order by Phone!

For more details, call NationWide Shelving nationally at 1-800-326-4403. Email us at

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