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State of Utah Contract:
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Driver Security Cage

One aspect that is often overlooked in receiving driver docks, distribution centers, and factories is security access.  Most customers come to find it is important to protect their inventory, tools and most importantly, their workers. Driver Security Cages are the perfect answer for these potential problems.

Driver Security Cage

Driver Security Cage

A Driver Security Cage is a great way to protect access of the entrance. These cages are also known as wire partitions, security cages, dock cages, and man traps. By placing a security cage or wire cage around the access point, you can monitor access of your space. Basically, it is a cage that encloses a door or garage to only allow authorized personnel or driver access.

Driver Security Cage

Customizable Driver Security Cage

Receiving cages can be customized to fit any area; even with sloped floors or unusual ceilings. Also, there are many accessories available for different levels of security and applications.

Driver Security CageDriver Security Cage

Service Window for Driver Security Cage

Many customers prefer to use a “service window” so each driver can check in before accessing the space.

Protecting Employees and Drivers from Potentially Dangerous Situations with a Receiving Cage

Unfortunately, every once in a while a machine will malfunction. This could mean leaving employees vulnerable to injury from any part or materials the machine loses control of. The video to the left is an example of a machine robot that is lifting 114 lbs metal blocks and when it loses control of it, the block slams into the receiving cage panel. Luckily, the machine guarding was there to protect anyone from getting hurt. Some customers use the cages to keep drivers away from aisles that are being used by forklifts and dangerous machines, to protect them from harm. We can’t stress enough how important this guarding is to protect people from dangerous situations!

Driver Security Cage

Avoid Theft, Save Money!

By installing a Receiving Cage, you can protect your inventory, tools, and valuables from theft and avoid the costly expense of having to replace them. Some customers find it more affordable to use a cage instead of hiring security to monitor the access. The cage practically pays for itself!

Driver Security Cage

Emergency Exit

It is ideal to install a Hinged Door Panic Bar on most of your Driver Security Cages so employees and drivers can quickly exit the building in case of an emergency. The Panic Bar will allow anyone to leave the premises from the inside without the need to open any locks. Also, it's just more practical for daily use.

Driver Security Cage

Conclusion: Driver Security Cages are Great for Receiving Warehouses!

Driver Security Cages can protect your employees and drivers from dangerous machinery. You can protect your driver warehouse from theft and only allow authorized users access. There are many accessories available, for example, services windows for drivers to check in at. Or simply protect your inventory and tools.

Driver Security Cage Driver Security Cage Driver Security Cage
Driver Security Cage Driver Security Cage Driver Security Cage

Accessories for Driver Security Cages

  • Locks and Access Panels
  • Ceiling Panels
  • Push Bars/Hinged Door Panic Bars
  • Steel Benches
  • Sheet Panels (To hid from view)
  • Sliding Doors
  • And much more…just ask!

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