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Pallet Lift for Warehouse

THE CLIENT: Sidwell Air Freight || Salt Lake City, Utah


Pallets are difficult enough as it is already to move, from one place to another, especially by hand. Pallets, either plastic or wooden, are awkward to carry. Pallets are also sometimes heavy in weight. Pallets can also leave slivers of wood in warehouse workers' hands, with or without gloves.


A pallet lift is the perfect solution for warehouse applications, because a pallet lift can move pallets much easier and faster than a warehouse worker. A warehouse pallet lift efficiently carries and places pallets from one stack to another. A warehouse pallet lift also doesn't have a hard time with the weight capacity of more than one pallet, and pallet lifts aren't affected by the rough and uneven texture of wood fragments.


The Feature: 215 degree pivot action

The Advantage: This warehouse pallet lift can maneuver in tight and compact areas.

The Benefit: The freedom of mobility from this warehouse pallet lift makes it possible to get more work done, compared to a larger pallet lift, within a smaller warehouse that has less room between aisles of pallets.

Return on Investment: This pallet lift for warehouses is rugged, dependable, and affordable for every user and warehouse application. This warehouse pallet lift pays for itself in the long run, since you can save money, by replacing the work that is done by an employee paid per hour.


The "E-Z" Pallet Lift from Atlas Lift Truck has a rugged 5500 lb capacity, with a spring-a-matic handle that self returns. This pallet lift for warehouses has a loop handle, designed with safety in mind, which includes neutral position and fingertip release, along with a three position hand lowering control. This warehouse pallet lift also has a leak proof pump, with a hard chrome plated ram and piston. Tapered fork end and pallet entry rollers are also a part of this warehouse pallet lift's design. This warehouse pallet lift also has polyurethane wheels and rollers that make it possible for a quiet and smooth use. This pallet lift unit has a steel steer and metal load wheels.

At NationWide Shelving, we provide the highest quality products and services, and the absolute best value in our industry. Additionally, our sales and installation experts are professionals who have been trained to provide the most accurate information and the highest quality installation services in the industry.

Find out why NationWide Shelving is a leader in Pallet Rack sales!


pallet lift for warehouse

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