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  Pallet Rack for Sporting Goods


Cookies USA is a top-of-the-line and state-of-the-art sporting goods company that does business locally in Salt Lake City Utah and nationally across the United States. Their product line mainly consists of custom helmets and helmet accessories for different sports such as snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding, base jumping, skydiving, speed riding, and paragliding.


Cookies' sporting goods warehouse was designated for a large supply of sporting goods inventory. There was a need for pallet racks to store pallets full of sporting goods from floor to ceiling.


NationWide Shelving pallet racks was the best solution for Cookies' sporting goods equipment warehouse. These specific pallet racks shipped directly from the manufacturer's warehouse in a quick and fast manner. These sporting goods pallet racks also are made of high quality metal and great value compared to other brands. In fact, Cookies was so pleased with their initial purchase, that they ordered more to add into their sporting goods warehouse.


The Feature: NationWide Shelving pallet racks for sporting goods equipment can support hundreds to thousands of pounds of weight, and various volume dimensions.

The Advantage: NationWide Shelving pallet racks are durable and keep their capacity strength for many years, which gives a great return on investment.

The Benefit: Money within a company's budget can be saved, since NationWide Shelving pallet rack systems don't need to be replaced and re-bought.


North American Wholesale Logistics (NAWL) manufactures pallet racks made with industrial strength. NationWide Shelving NAWL pallet rack systems have spectrum teardrop pallet rack beams, upright supports, and accessories, which can be quickly shipped. Pallet racks are the best storage solutions for any industrial warehouse, including sporting goods warehouses.



pallet rack for sporting goods

pallet rack for sporting goodspallet rack for sporting goods

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