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  Pallet Rack Relocation

THE CLIENT: 3 Form Material Solutions

3 Form in Salt Lake City, Utah, is a manufacturer of sustainable building materials and architectural hardware solutions for architecture and design industry. 3 Form applications consist of partitions, sliding doors, wall features, transactions, wall to ceiling, lighting, ceiling features, tables, shelving, column features, seating, and glazing. 3 Form interior and exterior materials are made of varia ecoresin, chroma, infinite glass, struttura, stone, 100 percent, full circle materials, you create, koda xt, chroma xt, varia ecoresin xt, and pressed glass. 3 Form solutions have many different options for hardware, fabrication, light design, shapes, and high resolution imagery.


3 Form's warehouse manager was searching for a relocation service which would move their pallet racking system units from one warehouse location to another designated location.


NationWide Shelving's installation and relocation service department (A1 Install) quoted the best price and terms for this local company's warehouse. These services included a professional tear down, protective packaging, transportation move, set up assembly, and inspection to pass safety codes.


Pallet racking is the best storage solution for industrial applications, including warehouses for building materials for companies like 3 Form. Pallet racks provide sufficient storage durability and reliability for pallets and skids containing industrial materials and inventory stock.

Pallet rack relocations should only be done under careful supervision by laborers who are specially trained. NationWide Shelving has professionally trained technicians whom have many years of experience in the field of labor intensive installation and relocation services. NationWide Shelving's relocation service department, known as A1 Install, also has competitive quotes for the best pricing and terms for pallet rack relocations within the state of Utah.






move pallet rack relocation

move pallet rack relocation

move pallet rack relocation

For more information on pallet rack relocation services, call NationWide Shelving's installation department at 801-456-9950.

You can also browse our online catalog for pallet racks for sale "here" or call 801-328-8788 locally || 1-800-326-4403 nationally

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