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Police Department Security Cage

THE CLIENT: Unified Police Department

The Unified Police Department (UPD) of Greater Salt Lake serves many Salt Lake County communities. The UPD allows communities to have comprehensive police services at a fraction of the cost of establishing and maintaining their own police force. By combining a variety of police services, such as SWAT, forensics, records, and dispatch under one organization, communities can share the costs with other communities, saving local governments and reducing the tax burden of citizens.


Due to an expansion within one building location, the Unified Police Department in Salt Lake City was looking for a storage method to keep their law enforcement gear, including a large reserve of arsenal weapons, in a safe and secure place.


NationWide Shelving is the best go-to company when it comes to needing a storage product that provides security. The Unified Police Department chose to purchase security cages, which consisted of welded wire partitions.


The Feature: Top-of-the-line design that conforms to architectural specifications.

The Advantage: Not only does the structure of these security cages give an aesthetically pleasing look, but the design of these security cages also gives the best return on investment, due to high quality parts and low costs.

The Benefit: Saves money within a budget, which gives more leniency to buy other different items, such as more storage products, or more law enforcement supplies.


SpaceGuard manufactures security cages with heavy-duty, industrial strength panels, composed of durable metal. SpaceGuard provides state-of-the-art security cage products, satisfaction guaranteed. Security cage applications, such as weapons storage for police departments, are easily configured to any height or arrangement that fits your needs. The system's flexibility allows for tight fits under mezzanines.




police department security cage

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