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  Richards Wilcox Power³ Mobile Shelving 800-326-4403
Richards Wilcox Power 3 Mobile Shelving
Aurora Richards Wilcox Power 3³ Mobile Shelving
Richards Wilcox Power³ Mobile Shelving
Richards Wilcox Power³ Mobile Shelving
Electric Shelving
Many Safety Systems
Richards Wilcox Power³ Mobile Shelving
Richards Wilcox Power³ Mobile Shelving
Passive Aisle Block Safety System
Passive Aisle Block Safety System

Richards-Wilcox Inc. Introduces Power3TM
The Innovative, Intelligent Mobile Storage System 800-326-4403

Richards-Wilcox and NationWide Shelving presents Power 3TM , a groundbreaking mobile storage system unparalleled in safety, sophistication, and flexibility. Power3 sets a new standard for easy setup, operation, and maintenance.
An intelligent controller is at the heart of the system, providing plug and play installation. No special training or technical skills are required. Programming is fast and easy using transponders, eliminating the need for calibration charts and expensive equipment.

Touch pad operation activates the system. This electronic control is simple to use and can be mounted to the carriage front panel at any height, allowing ADA compatibility. With no moving parts to fail, the touch pad also extends system life, eliminating costly repairs usually seen with mechanical control failure in traditional electric mobile systems.

The intelligent Power3 offers a new standard in safety previously unknown to other mobile systems. Passive Block System, or PBS, requires no activation by the user. Power3 has a second safety system, Motor Current Monitoring, which is logic-based and recognizes when pressure has been applied to a moving carriage. System shutdown is immediate.

Programmable transponders eliminate the need for system keys, locks, codes, and expensive training. They can be changed remotely from a PC with no system downtime, no costly refitting, and no compromised security.

Power3 provides "soft" carriage starting and stopping by monitoring motor current consumption. Internal software ensures consistent running speed and carriage stopping even if weight load or weight distribution changes. Carriage-stopping adjustments for oversized items are simple too, with one touch from the transponder.

Building system integration is also possible with Power3 , interfacing with fire alarm and suppression, temperature, lighting, and ventilation control. Automatic carriage response can be programmed for off-hour or fire alarm positioning.

Power3 is available in a variety of carriage depths and lengths, with many shelving accessories including reference shelves, retractable doors, and drawers. Finish options include Gloss-TekTM premium powder-coat in twenty-two colors or Wood-TekTM wood cladding in a variety of different wood species. Power3 can be created in countless finishes such as laminates or fabric end panels to match any décor.

Richards Wilcox Power³ Mobile Shelving

Quality and Value
Our Richards Wilcox Power³ Mobile Shelving systems are manufactured by Richards Wilcox Aurora Shelving, The leader in steel storage products. Since Nationwide Shelving is a top shelving provider in the nation, we are able to keep our prices low, and the quality high virtually beating any price value for our products on the market today. We offer many other brands of Richards Wilcox Power³ Mobile Shelving including Direct Line, Pipp and others. if you prefer a specific brand of Richards Wilcox Power³ Mobile Shelving please phone us at 800-326-4403.

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