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Shelving for Aerial Maps

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Shelving for Aerial Maps

THE CLIENT: Aero-Graphics

Aero-Graphics, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, is a geospatial (earth’s surface locator) services which is a privately owned company. Established in 1965, Aero-Graphics created a widely known reputation across the country for having high-quality aerial mapping services with very competitive pricing. To ensure their service is at its best, they have specialists on their staff member team, such as Professional Land Surveyors and Certified GIS Professionals. Along with this, they use the latest technology on digital systems to produce data and imagery. Their clientele base includes, but is not limited to: transportation industries, forestry management, civil engineering, and mining companies.


This customer has developed in several phases. The first phase was the purchase of steel shelving to replace old wood shelves for canned negatives of aerial photography. Storage was so orderly and effecient, that other departments started to purchase shelving for archive records and bankers boxes to office supplies.


A variety of compact shelving with traditional non-moving attributes was provided. This included a Jaken-built Boltless Shelving product.


The Feature: Condensed Shelving for High Volume Shelving designed for storage of aerial maps and similar documents.

The Advantage: Compact shelving allows for the most storage in a radius for each square foot of floor space.

The Benefit: Having sufficient storage in one place for a huge and growing inventory, rather than having to go to more than one location.


Jaken is a company that is a massive producer of shelving materials. They distribute a wide range of products, including boltless and industrial shelving. Jaken always guarantees the value of its merchandise. Jaken builds and produces durable shelving equipment that exceeds beyond the more expensive competitors in cost saving, so as to bring a better price to customers.

For more details, call NationWide Shelving, either locally at (801) 328-8788 or nationally at 1-800-326-4403. Email us at

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