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shelving for computers

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Shelving for Computers

THE CLIENT: Hewlett-Packard Company (HP)

Hewlett-Packard Company has many stores located online and across the world, including here in Salt Lake City, Utah. HP creates and sells computer related products, including but not limited to: laptops, tablets, desktops, scanners, printers, ink and toner, paper, monitors, mice, keyboards, speakers, headsets, cables, adapters, networking, webcams, docking stations, stands, software, surge protection, power supplies, calculators, notebooks, cases, sleeves, cd, dvd, blu-ray, cameras, photos, videos, projectors, and more.


HP operates and expands at a rapid rate every year, and one of the Salt Lake City Hewlett-Packard locations was increasing their storage for the logistics of their products.


The type of storage solution that would fulfill the needs of HP's situation was boltless shelving. This high capacity shelving utilizes double rivet beams to increase capabilities and allow for wide span applications. Heavy duty steel with a specific design provides for easy installation without nuts, bolts, or shelf clips.


The Feature: Withholds a substantial amount of weight without the need for massive volumes of excessive shelving storage space.

The Advantage: Shelving that is compacted can create more floor space for more computer products storage.

The Benefit: A single location can store a bigger inventory of computer related items rather than having that same place's storage potential being spread across to several different locations.


Jaken Boltless Shelving has durable, low profile beams to increase available storage space. The open faced style of this storage product allows items to be accessed from all sides because there are no cross-beams or back boards that block stored items.

For more details, call NationWide Shelving, either locally at (801) 328-8788 or nationally at 1-800-326-4403. Email us at

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