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Schaefer's LogiMat Vertical Carousel | Phone 800-326-4403

Schaefer's LogiMat Vertical Carousel
Schaefer Vertical Carousel
Schaefer's LogiMat Vertical Carousel
Schaefer Vertical Carousel
Schaefer Vertical Carousel Trays
Rack and Pinion Vertical Carousel
Schaefer Vertical Carousel Trays
Rack and Pinion Vertical Carousel
Large Industrial Vertical Carousels
Vertical Carousel

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Schaefer's LogiMat Vertical Carousel-

A Vertical Lift Module (VLM), like Schaefer's LogiMat Vertical Carousel, is an automated storage and retrieval unit consisting of an extrac­tor mechanism, located between two sections of stationary racking, inside a metal enclosure

A series of trays inserted in the front and rear racks are used to store product. When activated, the extractor device brings a requested tray from the rack to a workstation built into the front of the unit.

VLMs enable a relatively large inventory to be directed to a picker at one fixed location. By eliminating the climbing, reaching, and bending necessary to pick from multiple levels, VLMs produce a more efficient "parts to picker" instead of "picker to parts" workflow increasing worker safety and productivity.

Leading companies use Schaefer's LogiMat to increase stor­age density, throughput, and material handling efficiency while reducing inventory losses and labor costs. They effi­ciently deliver product to the operator, yielding a low-floor-space way of storing, securing, and retrieving anything from small parts to fixtures and  tools.


Schaefer's LogiMat vertical lift module takes advantage of unused overhead space found in many manufacturing and distribution facilities. Enhanced productivity, greater security and space savings of up to 90% give PC2 users a significant edge over their competition.

Features and Options - Powerful, Heavy-Duty Vertical Rack and Pinion Drive

The LogiMat eliminates hoist chains and uses more costly rack and pinion drives for greater speed and reliability. Unlike chains that stretch and cause extractor positioning errors, the rack and pinion drive accurately positions with a precise,

Next-Tray Delivery

This option automatically pre-positions the next tray in the pick sequence, so the moment an operator is done with the current tray, the next tray is ready for picking.

LogiMat Specifications

Product Range

· Tray width: 48.0, 65.3, and 98.4 inches (inside dimension)

· Tray depth: 25.6 and 32.25 inches (inside dimension)

· Tray height: 2.3 inches, 6.0 with extension, and 10.0 with extension (inside dimension)

· Product height: 3.0 to 20.0 inches

· Number of trays: 100 maximum

· Tray pitch: 4.5 inch minimum, adjustable at .5 inch increments

· Unit width: 63.0, 80.0, and 113.4 inches (not including counter)

· Unit depth: 95.5 and 108.5 inches

· Unit height: 8 to 50 feet

Standard Features

Frame: Bolt-together modular design. Fully welded rack frames. Built-in bearing plate style anchoring feet.

Trays: Galvanized steel tubular sidewalls, corrugated floor pan.

Main opening: 37 inch high opening at front of unit. Halogen down lighting.

Counter: Mounted below main opening at a height of 33 inches from floor. Laminate finish.

Service opening: Lockable access door on side of unit and panel below counter.

Controller: Internally mounted control enclosure mounts in the base of the unit. Enclosure has slide-out panel for servicing microprocessor control and motor drives.

Operator interface terminal: Side-mounted keypad with manual E-stop, enable, and jog buttons.

Safeties: Lockable disconnect switch, E-stop button, access door interlock switch, and mo­tor overload.

Drive motors: Direct drive continuous duty AC gear motors. Vertical - 3 hp , extractor - 1/2 hp.

Lift mechanism: Vertical - heavy-duty rack and pinion drive. Extractor - dual strand roller chain with steel pawls.

Finish: Powder coat white exterior with anodized aluminum corner posts. Special colors available.

Optional Features

Tray dividers: Steel drop-in dividers quickly configure a tray for small parts storage. Avail­able side extensions produce an equivalent 6 or 10 inch tray sidewall.

Adjustable counter: Linear actuator powered counter moves up or down, at the press of a button, to provide the ideal work height for individual operators.

Light pointer: Software directed, collimated beam spotlight illuminates selected items in the tray, helping the operator to quickly and accurately make picks.

Tilt-tray system: Automatically presents the tray at an ergonomically superior 45 degree angle, minimizing bending and reaching when retrieving items from the back.

Security door: Powered main access door activated through key switch.

Next-tray delivery system: Automatically pre-positions the next tray in the pick se­quence, so the moment an operator is done with the current tray, the next tray is ready for picking.

Software: The LogiMat is fully compatible with all Schaefer Systems inventory control soft­ware packages.

Dual access opening: An additional work station can be added at another level.

Transport cart: Use to transport a tray from the workstation to a remote location.

Utility pole: Provides a convenient mounting location for a monitor, keyboard, and scanner.


Unit capacity: 88,000 pounds, gross load.

Pan capacity: 880 pounds maximum.

Vertical speed: 2.46 feet per second.

Duty cycle: 100% continuous duty.

Operating temperature: 40º F to 120º F.

Application Notes

Power requirements: 480 V AC, three-phase, 15 A.

Seismic: Zone 4 anchoring available. May require special anchors depending on height of unit.

Special requirements: All units are ETL listed.

I SCHAEFER is a tier-1 material handling company whose core business is optimizing distribution centers through automated material-handling equipment and unconventional design. We are not just another conveyor company; we have automation technology unavailable elsewhere on the  market for every­thing from a pallet to an individual piece. SSI Schaefer's approach is to mini­mize conveyor, reinvesting the offset conveyor capital into productive automa­tion that boosts the capability of our system.

Environmental stewardship means smarter buildings, not bigger buildings.

Vertical Carousel Applications

For Bench Stock, Vinal and Carpet Rolls, Tires, Bins, Wire and Spool Storage, lights, File Folders, Office and industrial applications. Tool Storage, aerospace parts storage, automotive parts, drug evidence storage with security, police records, pilferable items storage and many more.

Vertical Carousel Manufacturers

Remstar, Kardex, Hanel, J & D Company, Vidir, SSI Schaefer.

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