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Troax Medium Stronger

Troax Medium Stronger

Storage Property Protection:
Troax Medium

Troax Medium is a great storage system for apartment building, cellars and attics, where a moderate level of protection is desired. Troax Medium protect against theft and break-ins thanks to its approved locks and reinforced front panels. The wire mesh allows tenants to feel safe because they can see though the panels or see if anyone in the area. The Troax Medium panels allows air, light and view from outside the cage. In case of a fire, it can be defused directly though the wire mesh.


If a moderate level of protections is desired the Troax Medium UX 450 mesh panel is recommended. The Troax UX 450 can protect against break-ins because it has stable mesh partitions. The mesh is press welded 3" x 3.75" wire and the tubing is 1.2" x 0.8". The mesh partitions are 2.0" x 2.0" and are really strong; it is next to impossible to break into by hand. The effortless assembly of the UX 450 is customizable and can be made to fit any type of area. The Troax Medium can fit any ceiling height, it also fits both narrow and wide areas. The Troax Medium is compatible with Troax UX550 and Troax UR350.


The UX 450 mesh panels are compatible with the Troax Medium system with a UX 450 door included. The doors should be used in areas with a strong exterior protection. The door can defend against theft and break-ins because of the padlock door and the padlock made specifically for it.  The frame is made of steel tubing that is 1.2" x 0.8" and has two cross tubing to make it stronger and secure. The doors are delivered assembled and are ready to be installed. It has no threshold which makes it easily accessible for handicapped and individuals in wheelchairs.

Protection From View

The UR SP is a panel that is solid and it has a high level of protection against break-ins. Since the sheet metal panels are solid, it is impossible to see inside. Most customers use it as a front wall in areas with a moderate level of protection outside.  A solid door is available if wire mesh is not desired. The door has a latch built in for the padlock. The UR SP is compatible with a wide selection of mesh partitions.


There are a number of Troax accessories available to adapt to areas that have sloping floors or ceilings. The Step-Free adjustments were made specifically for unique floors or uneven floors. The installation is simple, it has self-tapping screws and a number of different mountings that are easy to assemble. The Snapper mounting is used to fasten panels together. One can fill gaps in the walls and ceiling by using the special sections to customize the panels to fit. A variety of shelving systems and accessories make it possible for flexible placement.

Troax Medium Stronger Door UX 450    
Troax Medium Stronger Panel UR450 Troax Medium Stronger Panel UR SP
Troax Medium Stronger Cetus Shelf Troax Medium Stronger Door System Kit Silence
Troax Medium Stronger End Profile UR/UX Troax Medium Stronger Door System Holder Numberplate
Troax Medium Stronger Door System Trim Kit    

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Troax Medium Stronger

Self Storage
Troax Medium Stronger
Storage Spaces
Troax Medium Stronger
Garage System
Troax Medium Stronger

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***measurements are not exact, each were rounded to the nearest 1/10 of an inch.

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