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Vertical Carousels -
We provide Vertical Carousels sales and service Nation Wide, as well worldwide! Vertical Carousels have been a great solution for almost any kind of storage you can think of. The bottom line is this: it saves you floor space and makes you more productive. Since it allows such great storage in such a small footprint, it allows architects and designers to build a smaller building. In fact, a Vertical Carousel can be used to promote "green building".

The case for using Vertical Carousels:

Performance is Environmental Stewardship
Ergonomics is Social Responsibility
Productivity is Economic Prosperity

Vertical Carousel gives a reduced footprint advantage for storage of all types.

Reducing building footprint meets the goal of executive order 13423-sustanability

Environmental stewardship means smarter buildings, not bigger buildings.

Vertical carousels are very similar to vertical lifts because both storage systems use the same kind of advanced robotic technology. The difference between vertical carousels and vertical lifts is this: vertical carousels moves all the items when retrieving, while the vertical lift module only retrieves the desired item, which does not affect the rest of the stored items. What is the advantage of vertical carousel storage? Vertical carousels maximize the use of floor space by turning unused air space into storage space. Vertical carousels dramatically increase productivity, by up to 600%. Vertical carousels improve inventory management control. Vertical carousels also have lockable doors with password protected access key pads, which provide high security for valuable stored items.

Vertical Carousel Applications

For Bench Stock, Vinal and Carpet Rolls, Tires, Bins, Wire and Spool Storage, lights, File Folders, Office and industrial applications. Tool Storage, aerospace parts storage, automotive parts, drug evidence storage with security, police records, pilferable items storage and many more.

Vertical Carousel Manufacturers

Remstar, Kardex, Hanel, J & D Company, Vidir, SSI Schaefer.

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