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aurora high density mobile shelving system

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Aurora High Density Mobile Shelving System

THE CLIENT: Fusion-io

Fusion-io is a memory data server company locally based in Salt Lake City, Utah (Cottonwood Heights area). Their products enhance and accelerate databases, virtualization, and other network applications. Fusion-io flash memory drives support businesses of all sizes, from small local ones to world-wide franchises.

THE SITUATION: Stationary shelving was not up to modern standards in regards to saving enough space within the memory data server facility. Aisles between traditional stationary shelving were taking up too much space.


THE SOLUTION: Aurora High Density Mobile Shelving Systems fit the needs of the storage capacity for memory data hardware inventory in massive bulks.


The Feature: Rotary handles that quickly move shelving units into desired positions

The Advantage: Condensing more product into less space horizontally

The Benefit: Maximizes space by eliminating the need for an aisle between every shelving unit


Aurora high density mobile storage systems are designed to maximize the use of floor space while giving full access to any kind of storable items. High density mobile storage systems reduce the wasted space in aisles by only using half the space that static shelving systems require. Aurora mobile storage systems are moveable shelving carriages that are mounted on floor tracks. These welded mobile systems can be operated by electricity or by hand pushing. Customized layouts are available to fit any kind of need, especially storage of flash memory drives. The particular photo (above) is of a custom exterior mobile storage system with a rotary handle for manual operation. This aurora high density mobile storage system was used as a storage unit for memory flash drives.

For more details, call NationWide Shelving, either locally at (801) 328-8788 or nationally at 1-800-326-4403. Email us at

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