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GSA Mobile Shelving
General Services Administration (GSA)
State of Utah Contract:
MA 1231
State of Utah Contract:
MA 1231





Powerful Information with Facts, Pictures and Examples about how Mobile Shelving can improve your business and life.
Mobile Shelving can be many products!
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Mobile Shelving Mobile Shelving Mobile Shelving Mobile Shelving
Office Mobile Shelving Industrial Mobile Shelving Wire Mobile Shelving Mobile Shelving Carts

At the top of this page we have information on the mobile shelving the web often talks about and further down the page a wide variety of traditional shelving products on wheels to make them mobile for you. If you can dream it we can make the right mobile shelving for you. Please take time on this page and scroll down to find the right mobile shelving product for you and your application.
This page is a full and comprehensive page of mobile shelving products. There is only so much that can be put on a web page so if you don't see it, please phone us at 866-328-5066 and talk to a mobile shelving expert today!
Available on State and Federal GSA Contracts

About Mobile Shelving: Mobile shelving offers a unique storage solution because it is tailored to fit your needs while increasing your storage capacity by up to 100%.  Unlike traditional stationary shelving, mobile shelving eliminates the need for multiple aisles, allowing you to make the most of your valuable space.  Mobile shelving also offers the option of increased security because the carriages can be locked.

Mobile shelving is evolving with the times. Mobile Shelving has been around for a long time. The medical community from large hospitals and health care systems to small and mid sized doctor offices utilized it's power for saving space for the ever growing medical charts which required more and more space and the medical facility grew. The files were taking space where medical facilities needed the space back for medical equipment and patient rooms. The usage of mobile shelving grew to help consolidate space required for files wherever paper records started to sprawl. Everywhere from legal law firms, court records in all courts, county, state and federal, to sales files. If you had lots of paper, or still do, you are probably familiar with mobile shelving.
Then paperless records took a hold. Though here we are in 2020 and still there are large, and small file rooms, utilizing the space saving advantages of mobile shelving. But overall many large applications in medical, legal, and government records evolved into an electronic record.
So, the use of mobile shelving came to a bit of a lull and many dealers and manufactures had to adapt. Many went away as happens with a big change in the market place. Some companies selling mobile shelving adapted as happens during any process of evolution in business. Well as we evolved we become more familiar with the storage of stuff. Inventory and warehouse items.

Now Mobile Shelving is seeing a big resurgence. It is still the same product, but what companies are storing on it has changed. Our President, James Gault, was on the telephone with one of our mobile shelving suppliers today and they said already half way through August 2020, it is already the busiest month in history. We thought mobile shelving had seen its heyday, but it has re invented itself and the heyday for usage of mobile shelving is here today! If you can think of it in a warehouse it is probably on mobile shelving somewhere. It has opened up our largest segment of business at NationWide Shelving today as we moved into material handing. The warehouse is generally much bigger than the office so the opportunities increased to supply storage products including mobile shelving. Changes in size of carriages weight capacities and types of shelving and rack mounted to the mobile carriage have also changed to adapt to the warehouse environment. Sometimes it has to adapt to environmental differences from the office and some warehouses are refrigerated, some are dirty environments and others and very very clean all the way to a "clean room". Now that mobile shelving is becoming a regular storage devise in the warehouse some systems can be controlled from the forklift so picking lists can be entered and the shelving moves as the driver requires that pick. Mobile shelving really brings space efficiency and increased productivity to the warehouse. Material is also safe from harm and damage or pilferage when aisles are closed and if used with picking software keeps a perfect inventory in every way!

NationWide Shelving has been selling and installing mobile shelving systems since 1997.  Contact NationWide Shelving today to get started on designing a mobile shelving system that fits your specific needs.  One of our highly trained designers will be happy to assist you with taking measurements of your space, and ensuring that you get as much storage as possible out of your new mobile shelving system.

Mobile Shelving
Mobile Shelving
Mobile Shelving

Mobile Shelving

Sometimes referred to as “rolling shelving"

Mobile shelving is typically made from steel or aluminum.  The wheels that are used to move the shelves can vary in size, material, and because of the quantity depending upon the weight that is being stored.   Three types of mobile shelving carriage drive methods are available:

  • Manual – a handle on the end of each shelving unit is used to roll carriages back and forth
  • Mechanical – a geared chain is used to move heavier loads with relative ease
  • Electric – the user pushes a button to move the carriages as needed
Download Mobile Shelving PDF Brochure
Download PDF Brochure
Mobile Shelving
Mobile Shelving Mobile Shelving Mobile Shelving

Electric Mobile Shelving

Mechanical Mobile Shelving

Manufacturers of Mechanical Mobile Shelving:

Manual Mobile Shelving

Manufacturers of Manual Mobile Shelving:

Mobile Shelving Mobile Shelving Mobile Shelving Mobile Shelving
Mechanical Mobile Shelving Mobile Shelving Evidence Mobile Shelving GSA Mobile Shelving


  • Sales Files
  • Medical Records
  • Dental Records
  • X Ray Jackets
  • Bottles
  • Water Deeds
  • Recorder Records
  • Grow Operations
  • Weed Growing
  • Wheels
  • Athletic Equipment
  • Medical Inventory
  • Pilferable Inventory
  • Stockroom Storage
  • Computer Chips
  • Tissue Samples


  • Personal Files for a School District
  • Files for School District
  • Student Record files for School Districts
  • Maintenance Records
  • Test Records
  • Marijuana Grow Systems
  • Cadaver Storage
  • Electrical Supplies and Parts
  • Football Equipment
  • Legal Records
  • Records Office Records
  • Luggage
  • Prosthetics


  • Readiness Bags
  • Surgical Supplies
  • Pharmaceutical Drugs
  • Tennis Shoes
  • Dress Shoes
  • Retail Store Inventory
  • Pilferage Item Storage
  • Milk Storage
  • Dairy products
  • Phone parts
  • Baseball Equipment
  • Law Firms
  • Water Deed Storage
  • Pharmacy Drug Storage
  • Sunglasses
  • Medical Devises


  • Inventory
  • Hospital Supplies
  • Paint
  • Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Dresses
  • Pants
  • Indoor Lettuce Growing
  • Tires
  • Tool Cribs
  • Hockey Equipment
  • Air Force Records
  • Air national Guard Readiness Bags
  • Parachute Storage
  • Hospital Beds

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Mobile Shelves, Mobile Trucks, & Mobile Carts:

This type of mobile shelving has also been around for many years. Just shelving on wheels so it becomes mobile. These mobile shelf units are used for everything from sterile medical procedure carts to heavy duty units in dirty foundry applications. Mobile shelving carts and trucks as they are referred to can help you move almost anything. Many wheels sizes and wheel capacities are available to fit your applications and special needs.

Mobile Shelving

3 Sided Mobile Shelf Truck

The Three-Sided Mobile Shelf Truck comes in a variety of styles, ranging from three enclosed sides with just a deck, to a deck with two fixed upper shelves.

  • Supports up to 2000 lbs.
  • Standard gray finish (optional colors available)
    Mobile Shelving
Mobile Shelving

Bin Divider Truck

The Bin Divider Truck is great for keeping contents organized, while also easily accessible.  The sides and back are enclosed for additional protection and security.  The bin divider truck includes a push handle because it increases maneuverability.

  • Supports up to 1000 lbs.
  • Gray baked-on enamel finish

Mobile Shelving

Mobile Shelving

High Density Mobile Bin Storage System

The High Density Mobile Bin Storage System is a complete workable storage system with rails, racks and/or louvered panels, and panel systems.  The panels provide the perfect outline to design your own customized bin system.

  • Single-sided, double-sided, and mobile units available in both louvered panels and racks
  • Standard gray finish (optional colors available)
  Mobile Shelving
Mobile Shelving

Mobile Chrome Wire Shelving Carts

The Mobile Chrome Wire Shelving Carts have excellent maneuvering ability, and come standard with 5” diameter swivel locking casters.  Each shelf is fully adjustable in 1” increments, and requires no special tools to assemble.

  • Supports up to 600 lbs.
  • Available in 69” and 80” high mobile units
     Mobile Shelving
Mobile Shelving

Mobile Shelf Truck

The Mobile Shelf Truck is great resource for rolling loads of parts, cartons, or supplies right to the job site.  The back and sides can be enclosed for additional protection, or left open for complete and free access.

  • Supports up to 1000 lbs.
  • Gray baked-on enamel finish
Mobile Shelving
Mobile Shelving

Open Three-Sided Mobile Bulk Truck

The Open Three-Sided Mobile Bulk Truck comes with a removable drop-gate panel that can be easily lowered to provide easier access while loading or unloading supplies.  The optional panel can also provide more secure transport or be used for storage.

  • Designed for use with open three-sided bulk trucks
    Mobile Shelving
Mobile Shelving

Open Mobile Cage Truck

The Multi-Shelf Truck is one of the most easily maneuverable carts, ideal for stock picking, inventory work, or transferring supplies.  Composed of heavy duty construction features, this cart is designed for daily hard work.

  • Supports up to 2200 lbs.
  • Standard gray enamel finish
    Mobile Shelving
Mobile Shelving

Multi-Shelf Truck

The Multi-Shelf Truck is one of the most easily maneuverable carts, ideal for stock picking, inventory work, or transferring supplies.  Composed of heavy duty construction features because this cart is designed for daily hard work.

  • Supports up to 2200 lbs.
  • Standard gray enamel finish
    Mobile Shelving
Mobile Shelving

Tray Shelf Truck

The Tray Shelf Truck is designed to keep small parts and supplies as secure as possible during transport.  Each shelf features a 2.25” lip to keep small parts in place, and comes complete with five 18 Gauge tray shelves.

  • Supports up to 1000 lbs.
  • Gray baked-on enamel finish

At NationWide Shelving, we provide the highest quality products and services, and the absolute best value in our industry. Additionally, our sales and installation experts are professionals who have been trained to provide the most accurate information and the highest quality installation services in the industry.

Find out why NationWide Shelving is a leader in Pallet Rack sales!

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For more details on how mobile shelving can help you, call NationWide Shelving at 1-866-328-5066 or Email us at

Electrical, Mechanical Assist and Manual Mobile Shelving Vendors:

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Aurora Mobile Shelving 
Office 1000
Office 750
Borroughs Aisle Saver Mobile Shelving
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Mobile Media
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Stelterr Mobile Shelving Products
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Mobile Shelving Applications:

Oil Refinery Files
Indoor Agriculture:
Marijuana Grow Rooms
Hemp Grow Rooms
Hydroponic Farming
Aeronautic Farming
Aquaponic Farming
Vertical Farming
Public Safety
First Responders
Office and Corporate Files
Industrial Storage
Federal Government
State government
County government
City Government
Archive Boxes
Prison Files
Detention Center Files
Schools and Universities
Athletic Facilities
Athletic Departments
Doctors Office Files
Dentists Office files
Urgent Care Files
Addiction Treatment Files
Herbarium Specimens 
Automotive Parts Departments
Textiles Storage
Garment Storage
Paleontological Samples
Small Specimens
Deep Sea Specimens
Deep Space Specimens
Ancient Artifacts

Catheter Storage
Medical Records
Archive Boxes
X Ray Jackets
Medical Supplies
Library Shelving
Legal Files
Locker Rooms
Weapons Storage - Long Guns,
Hand Guns, Ammunition 
Law Enforcement Evidence Storage
Keg Storage
Retail Stockroom for Clothing, Shoes


Q: Can you help figure Floor loads for mobile shelving?

A: Yes, we can help you calculate floor loading for mobile shelving.

Q: Can you do Layout and Design for mobile shelving and do you charge?
A: We can hep you layout and design mobile shelving at no cost

Q: What kind of Weight Capacities can mobile shelving hold?
A: Tell us what you are putting on it and we can typically design a system to carry that weight.

Q: Can mobile shelving be designed to accommodate to needs of grow rooms? Water and lighting needs?
A: The answer is yes. We have designed miles of mobile shelving for grow operations.

Mobile Shelving Product Brochures:

Aurora Shelving Products E-Office:
Electric Mobile Shelving Brochure
Aurora Shelving Products E-Office:
Electric Mobile Shelving Brochure

Aurora Shelving Products Mobile Storage Systems Brochure
Aurora Shelving Products Mobile Storage On The Go! Brochure

Aurora Shelving Products-Side-To-Side High Density Mobile Shelving Brochure
Aurora Shelving Products-Side-To-Side High Density Mobile Shelving Brochure

Aurora Shelving Products Wire Shelving BrochureAurora Shelving Products Mobile Wire Shelving Brochure

Borroughs Aisle-Saver Shelving Brochure
Borroughs Aisle-Saver Shelving Brochure

Mobile Shelving Case Studies:

Aurora Mobile Shelving for River Falls Athletic Department

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Mobile Shelving:


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