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book stockroom shelving

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Book Stockroom Shelving

THE CLIENT: Deseret Book

Deseret Book has many stores located across the United States nation, and one Deseret Book location includes downtown Salt Lake City, Utah, among the beautiful Wasatch Mountains. This charitable book store is a Latter-Day Saint owned company. Many products are created and sold by Deseret Book for spiritual and religious purposes, and even for people that want to fill their lives with "feel-good" and meaningful emotions. 


Deseret Book needed more storage in their stockroom for their vast inventory of products, including books, ebooks (electronic books), scriptures, music on cds and tapes, audio media, mp3 audio media, movies, art, totes, jewelry, calendars, clothing, games, puzzles, scrap booking, stickers, and gift cards.


High density retail shelving was a great solution provided by NationWide Shelving for Deseret Book's stockroom, which held their book material and similar inventory products. This new shelving was an addition to what they already had, so this solution fulfilled the requirements for a much needed expansion of a useful storage system.


The Feature: Particle board decking is an option that comes with high density retail shelving for book stockrooms.

The Advantage: Particle board is made of a heavy duty wood to support a large amount of weight, including many pounds of pressure from bulks of book media material within stockroom packages and boxes.

The Benefit: Stockroom floor space can be utilized very efficiently, since one high density shelving unit can take place of two or more standard, non-heavy duty, shelving systems.


Jaken is a brand known for high quality and great value shelving products. They manufacture high density stockroom shelving that can be specialized and used for books and other similar material sold by book store companies. Particle board decking is cut to precise measurements, in order to sit flush with the top of horizontal beams, and to fit perfectly inside and rest upon those support beams. Safety supports are also available to use for maximization of shelf capacity, in size and weight dimensions. This security device also fits within notches of the shelving storage system, in order to maintain a level shelf surface.


To enjoy these advantages and benefits, call 1-800-326-4403 or 801-328-8788 to order. Or you can click "here" to view our online catalog.





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