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  Bulk Storage Shelving for Uniforms

THE CLIENT: G&K Services

Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, G&K Services provides excellent uniform and facility services for businesses in different department areas, such as healthcare, oil, gas, mining, manufacturing, food processing, transportation, warehousing, sales, wholesale, sales retail, service, and other industries. Uniform rental includes shirts, pants, shorts, outerwear, coverings, lab, medical, food, flame resistant, and enhanced / high visibility uniforms.


G&K Services uses warehouses / storage rooms to store their uniforms in bulk, in order to always keep their inventory of uniforms in stock and ready to distribute. Bulk storage shelving was already in use, but more wire mesh decking for the bulk storage shelving was needed to store more uniforms.


NationWide Shelving proposed wire mesh decking for bulk storage shelving for G&K Services uniforms. NationWide Shelving has inexpensive and great pricing for wire mesh decking for bulk storage shelving. NationWide Shelving also can quickly place orders with bulk storage shelving manufacturers so shelving products can be shipped in a fast and timely manner.


The Feature: Wire Mesh Decking from NationWide Shelving uses open wire construction.

The Advantage: Open wire design for bulk storage shelving wire mesh decks reduces dust build-up along and increases air and light circulation.

The Benefit: Because of improved visibility from this bulk storage shelving decking, warehouse and stockroom managers / workers can have an easier time organizing and retrieving items such as uniforms.


Jaken's FastRak Heavy Duty Bulk Shelving has industrial strength shelving components that meet today's standards for warehouses. Wire mesh decking is available to choose from Jaken's bulk storage shelf deck options. Wire decking has built-in supports, which would hold more weight than particle board decks. Besides having a bigger weight and size capacity, wire decking lasts longer and is more durable than particle board decking because it won't warp from water damage. FastRak is unique because it does not require a shelf at the bottom of the bulk storage shelving unit. Items, such as boxes of uniforms, can be placed directly on the floor.



bulk storage shelving for uniforms

For more details, call NationWide Shelving, either locally at (801) 328-8788 or nationally at 1-800-326-4403. Email us at info@nationwideshelving.com

You can also check out our bulk storage shelving products "here"

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