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Cantilever Racks
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Cantilever Racks
Cantilever Racks
Cantilever Racks
Cantilever Racks
Cantilever Racks
Cantilever Racks Cantilever Racks

About Cantilever Racks

Cantilever Racks provide an organized way to store large and heavy items. Cantilever Racks have a high weight capacity and give more room for storage in a smaller space because of the horizontal stacking and the optional double sided feature.

Cantilever Racks are used for heavy, long product. Cantilever Racks have two arms that extend out from a Vertical Column. The arms can be adjusted up and down to fit various sizes and quantities of product. It can store long products horizontally such as steel bars, lumber, furniture, pipes, and more. You can also buy arms that are angled upward so round products don’t fall off. Cantilever Racks hold very heavy product, similar to a Pallet Racks. Cantilever Racks are most commonly used in warehouses and Steel Service Centers prefer Cantilever Racks.

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  • Wood, Bars, Tubes, Wood Plans And Other Long Materials
  • Cell Tower Parts And Antennas
  • Solar Energy Products
  • Long Plumbing Pipes
  • Fence Warehouse
  • Storing Vinyl Materials For Fences
  • Disaster Relief Services
  • Furniture
  • Warehouse And Industrial

Store Bulky or Loose Materials

Cantilever Racks are a convenient way to store long product in bulk or loose but easily accessible, which will increase available space and productivity.

Forklift Accessible

Cantilever Racks are faster to load and unload, because there is no front beam to get in the way of a forklift.

What Can Cantilever Racks Store?

Cantilever Racks are a freestanding storage product that uses horizontal arms that extend outward from a vertical column to load product horizontally like lumber, steel bars, tubing, etc. Comes in various lengths, heights, heavy duty and medium duty, weight capacities and colors. NationWide Shelving can help you choose the right sizes and capacities for your needs at no additional charge.

Specifications, Sizes and Dimensions

Both columns and arms come in multiple sizes and lengths. NationWide Shelving can help you decide what sizes you need for no additional charge. You can also get them in Medium Duty or Heavy Duty depending on the weights of the product. Commonly, medium duty arm lengths are 12 inches, 18 inches, and 24 inches while heavy duty arm lengths come in 24 inches, 36 inches, 48 inches, and 60 inches. Columns, also called uprights, come in either single or double sided to store product on both sides. The following are column heights: 79 inches, 8 feet, 10 feet, 12 feet, 16 feet, 26 feet, and 36 feet. Although, additional sizes for arms and columns are available. Cantilever Racks usually come in blue columns and orange arms but other colors are available upon request.

Weight Capacity

Cantilever Racks comes in various weight capacities. The weight of the product being stored on the Racks will determine what kind of Racks is needed. For example, heavy duty Racks have a higher weight capacity than medium duty Racks. Also, the length of the arms and the height of the columns can determine the weight capacity. NationWide Shelving can help decide what sizes are needed for the weight of the product being stored.

At NationWide Shelving, we provide the highest quality products and services, and the absolute best value in our industry. Additionally, our sales and installation experts are professionals who have been trained to provide the most accurate information and the highest quality installation services in the industry.

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