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Hanel Automated Storage Systems, Robotics, Lean-Lift,Rotomat, Carousels, Lockoma
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State of Utah Contract:
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Hanel Automated Storage Systems

Hanel Automated Storage Systems, Robotics, Lean-Lift,Rotomat, Carousels, Lockoma

About Hanel Automated Storage Systems:

Hanel Automated Storage Systems is one of the worlds larges provider of automated storage solutions. Hanel was the first to produce the vertical lift technology and to develop an EcoDrive system. Hanel Automated Storage Systems are available internationally.

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Hanel Automated Storage Systems offers the highest quality with a wide range of products.

Hanel Automated Storage Systems Lean-Lift, Automated Storage, Robotics

Hanel Lean-Lift:

  • The center of the closed system, is a computer controlled positioning lift
  • Storage shelves on the front and back
  • Easily find what you need by a push of a button
  • It can hold up to 2,200 lbs on each tray
  • The entire system can hold up to 132,000 lbs

Video of Hanel Lean Lift in Action:


Hanel Automated Storage Systems Multi-Space, Automated Storage, Robotics


  • Can hold multiple products that are different sizes or shapes
  • Uses bins to store product
  • Multiple standby modes
  • Energy Efficient
  • Units are 31.4 ft wide

Video of Hanel Multi-Space in Action:


Hanel Automated Storage Systems Rotomat, Automated Storage, Robotics, Ferris Wheel

Hanel Rotomat::

  • 60% more storage space
  • Works like a ferris wheel
  • Optimize floor storage space
  • Multiple access points on different floors available

Video of Hanel Rotomat in Action:

Hanel Automated Storage Systems Rotomat Office Carousels, Automated Storage, Robotics,

Rotomat Office Carousels:

  • Huge storage filing system
  • 60% more filing capacity
  • 8.42 inches/968 linear filing inches of storage space

The condensed construction allows 60 % or more storage volume to be accommodated on minimal floor space by making use of the unused room height. Cost Savings!
The days when walls were lined with filing cabinets; the labor and ladder-hiking used in finding files is now over. The Rotomat robotically brings the required file or media to the user access point at the touch of a button. Microprocessor control units offer the option of networking the Rotomat directly with a PC or connecting other peripheral devices. This kind office organization should be as common as the desktop computer.

Many administrations, organizations, and offices and have been successfully using the Hanel Rotomat carousels for years. All Rotomat office carousels can be modified to be accessible to disabled operators.

What does it store?

  • Hanging Folders
  • Lateral Suspended Folders
  • Files
  • Index Card
  • Oblique Style Lateral Suspended Folders
  • Lateral Letter Or Legal Fowlers
  • Binders And Large Books
  • Top Tab Folders
  • Microfiche, Drawings, DP Accessories, Stationery

Video of Hanel Rotomat Office Carousels in Action:

Hanel Automated Storage Systems Lockomat, Automated Storage, Robotics, Security


  • Retrieves the product for the user
  • Time efficient (easily find what you are looking for)
  • Product is secure and requires authorization before withdrawing product

Video of Hanel Lockomat in Action:


Hanel Automated Storage Systems

About Hanel Automotated Storage Systems:

Hanel builds their own motors for carousels. Thousands and thousands of units produced for the USA only one motor has ever failed.

Hanel makes their own gears, plastic wheels, and make their own circuit boards. Everything is made to work perfectly together and the only way to achieve this kind of precision is to manufacture parts themselves.

The factory is clean, organized and automated beyond belief. Employees are happy and hard working. The lighting in the factory is amazing. You need it so workers can see for exacting standards.

When you see brochures of the factory floor it looks clean and elegant as a professional office. They don’t have to dress it up for a photo shoot, it is just that way. The employees are very clean, it also looks like they are staging for a photo shoot but that is just way it is day in and day out.

Robotics run on precision and Hanel precision is the best. If they say 8 am they mean 8 am not 7:59 or 8:01. They engineer and build their lifts and carousels the same way. Welded precision, each little bit of perfection is important because otherwise small variances grow exponentially.

Hanel machines are simply the best quality at the best value available in the world.

Learn more at:

Hanel Automated Storage Pick-To-Light

Hanel Automated Storage Pick-to-Light

An Easy Picking Option for Hanel Automated Storage Units

Pick-to-Light is a modern picking option. The component can be installed to your Hanel automated storage unit. The Pick-to-Light option with shine an LED light above the item the user is searching more. Hanel refers to this system as Pick-o-Light-Vario.


This concept refers to the speed of how fast the user can find product. This picking option can dramatically increase productivity and save companies money. Pick and stop to light systems allows four employees to operate 12 Hanel Lean-Lifts at the same time, which is considered full capacity.  

It’s Error-Free!

The Pick-to-Light option is error-free for virtually any item, including the smallest container compartments. Some businesses rely on this picking option for placing order and can count on this system to be nearly error-free.


Pick-to-Light is a great choice from disturbers that need to fill orders quickly. The Pick-to-Light system shines a light beam on the requested item. The employee places the item in the box, then clicks the button to confirm the pick and the next item to be picked will light up. The lift automatically goes back to its original position and delivers the next item to the retrieval bay.

HanelSoft to Connect the Lean-Lifts to It's SAP ERP System

  • Order Picking Speed Increased 25%
  • Almost Perfect Error-Free Order Picking
  • Save Space
  • Make Use of Veritcal Space

Video of Hanel Pick-to-Light in Action:

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  • Millitary (Store Missle Parts)

Automotive Storage

Hanel Automated Storage Systems has a wide selection of options available that are made specifically for all aspects of the automotive industry.  Call NationWide Shelving today and speak to one of our automated storage experts.  They will discuss your exact needs with you and help create a system that meets each and every one of your needs.  Our experts will also assist you with implementing, as well as integrating, these automated storage solutions into your current Dealership Management System (DMS).  You will be amazed at how significantly your productivity and efficiency will be increased due to Hänel’s innovative storage solutions, ultimately leading to increased revenue and customer satisfaction.   

Added Benefits:

  • Up to 60% more floor space due to compact design
  • Accuracy increased
  • Reduction in time spent taking inventory
  • Storage for all tools and parts, both large and small

Hanel Rotomat Automotive Vertical Carousels

Hänel’s Rotomat Automotive Vertical Carousels are designed to increase accuracy of taking inventory while also making the most of the available space.  In addition, the system can store all workshop items, tools, and small parts.  Hänel’s Rotomat only allows authorized users to remove product, enhancing the overall security.  More time can be devoted to customer service since the machine is able to automatically retrieve items with the touch of a button.

Hänel’s Vertical Carousels store merchandise on a series of rotating shelves, similar to a Ferris Wheel. Product is stored and retrieved from one convenient and safe access bay.  

When the user would like to store a product, they will simply choose from a list of possible storage locations and select a quantity.  The Vertical Carousel will rotate and automatically find the specific location for storage of the product. 

When the user would like to retrieve a product, the Vertical Carousel keeps a record of where said product is stored and will rotate the carousel as needed in order to deliver the selected product to the access bay. 

Hänel’s Vertical Carousel allows the user to store more product vertically, thus freeing up more floor space to use as desired.


  • Avoid Injures
  • Fast
  • Accurate
  • Stores Product Safely and Convenient

Automotive Sector Cost Reduction for Car Dealerships

Hänel Lean Lift

Hanel systems allow car dealerships to store a wide variety of products while also saving valuable floor space.  The system can hold up to 1,400 different tools which are each available for use at the touch of a fingertip.  

Automotive Sector Cost Reduction for Hospitals


In comparison to other shelving systems, Hanel offers up to 60% more storage space.  Fragile and sensitive information is protected by access codes and locking tools. 

The amount of energy consumed by the unit is significantly reduced by the Hanel EcoDrive.

Hänel Website Update

Hanel Website:

The Hanel website offers a wide array of informative videos that discuss the Hanel System as well as the option of filtering your searches to find the exact match of what you are looking for.  You can also manage and personal your account via the Hanel website. 

At NationWide Shelving, we provide the highest quality products and services, and the absolute best value in our industry. Additionally, our sales and installation experts are professionals who have been trained to provide the most accurate information and the highest quality installation services in the industry.

Find out why NationWide Shelving is a leader in Pallet Rack sales!

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