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Hanel Storage Systems- Phone Us At 801-328-8788 See a video at the bottom of this page!

Hanel Hanel Storage Systems Lean lift
Hanel Storage Systems Lifts
Hanel Storage Systems Vertical Carousels Hanel Storage Systems
Hanel Storage Systems
Hanel Hanel Storage Systems Rotomat
Hanel Hanel Storage Systems Rotomat

Hanel Hanel Storage Systems Rotomat


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Hanel Storage Systems
Phone Us At 801-328-8788

At the center of the Hanel Storage Systems Lean-Lift is a computerized positioning elevator - called the "extractor". In front and behind it are the storage shelves. This is where the articles are stored in containers.

The storage locations are accessed under electronic control by the extractor. It stores or retrieves the container requested.

1. Vertical transporter - the 'extractor'

2. 4-chain system

3. Storage location

4. Container

5. Integrated pitch profile for height-optimized placement of the containers

6. Soft start control with frequency converter

7. Light barriers in BWS-S design

8. Lockable sliding doors

9. Environmentally friendly powder-based finish

10. Hänel microprocessor control unit

11. Wiring box

12. Photo-sensors for height measurement

13. Service door conveniently positioned at the side

Hanel provides solutions nation wide as well worldwide. With an offering of virtually unlimited load capacities and sizes Hanel have been a great solution for almost any kind of storage you can think of. The bottom line is it saves you floor space and makes you more productive. Lately solutions have been a chosen solution because it promotes "green building". Since it allows such great storage in such a small footprint it allows architects and designers to build a smaller building. In fact a greener building.

The case for building "Green"

Performance is Environmental Stewardship
Ergonomics is Social Responsibility
Productivity is Economic Prosperity

Hanel s give a reduced footprint advantage for storage of all types.

Reducing building footprint meets the goal of executive order 13423-sustanability

Environmental stewardship means smarter buildings, not bigger buildings.

Phone Us At 801-328-8788

The Hänel Lean-Lift is the optimum storage and materials handling system that saves time, storage capacity and costs

The Advantages of Hanel Storage Systems:

Over 60% more storage capacity!
Faster storage and retrieval, increased productivity!
Optimum use of storage volume, due to height-optimized storage!
Storage and handling of bulky and heavy parts!
Load-carrying capacity per container up to 1,000 kg!
Load-carrying capacity per Lean-Lift up to 60,000 kg!

Optimum utilization of floor space. The term upward mobility takes on a new meaning with the Rotomat! The Rotomat is as flexible as you need it to be. Units can even stretch over several storeys! Goods to user is the motto, not user to goods. Personnel costs and cycle times can be reduced! High-performance control units and computer links ensure that the Rotomat can be put to use flexibly and on an individual basis! The required parts are brought to the ergonomic retrieval height at the touch of a button! Safety is of paramount importance. No climbing of ladders; no danger of accidents! The Rotomat protects all parts from dust, light and unauthorized access!


Hanel Storage Systems

About Hanel Automotated Storage Systems:

Hanel builds their own motors for carousels. Thousands and thousands of units produced for the USA only one motor has ever failed.

Hanel makes their own gears, plastic wheels, and make their own circuit boards. Everything is made to work perfectly together and the only way to achieve this kind of precision is to manufacture parts themselves.

The factory is clean, organized and automated beyond belief. Employees are happy and hard working. The lighting in the factory is amazing. You need it so workers can see for exacting standards.

When you see brochures of the factory floor it looks clean and elegant as a professional office. They don’t have to dress it up for a photo shoot, it is just that way. The employees are very clean, it also looks like they are staging for a photo shoot but that is just way it is day in and day out.

Robotics run on precision and Hanel precision is the best. If they say 8 am they mean 8 am not 7:59 or 8:01. They engineer and build their lifts and carousels the same way. Welded precision, each little bit of perfection is important because otherwise small variances grow exponentially.

Hanel machines are simply the best quality at the best value available in the world.

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