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4 way pallet jack
adjustable width pallet jack
corrosion resistant pallet jack
cpi pallet jack

Adjustable Width Pallet Jack

Corrosion Resistant Pallet Jack

CPI Pallet Jack

  • Enter pallet from all four sides.
  • 3-year pump warranty.

Safely and easily lift and move pallets. Overload bypass, reinforced forks, rubber-coated handle measures 47" in height. 101° steering and can enter pallet from all four sides. Adjustable fork connecting rods, steel 1.7" load wheels and 6" polyurethane steering wheels. Lowered/raised fork height measures 1-3/4" / 6". FOB Shipping Point.

Product No. H273400
Cap. (lbs.) 4000
Fork Area
W x L
33 x 44"
OA Truck Length 59"
Wt. (lbs.) 241

Wesco 4 way pallet jack





  • Adjustable fork widths.
  • Just loosen and reset front and rear adjusting bolts.

One jack does the work of two. Handles loads up to 5500 lbs. Features 3"W. polyurethane load wheels. Adjustable fork connecting rods. Overload bypass valve. Rubber coated handle. Entry and exit rollers. 7.5" raised height. 3" lowered height. 3" load wheels and 8" steering wheels -- both mold-on polyurethane. FOB Shipping Point.

Wesco adjustable width pallet jack

  • Galvanized and Stainless Steel I-55 models.

Galvanized model - designed for basic corrosion resistant and cold room applications. This model is widely used in meat processing plants, wineries, etc. Well suited for transporting goods in and out of freezers and coolers. Fork length 48". Fork widths: 20.5"/27".

Stainless Steel model - designed for the ultimate resistance to corrosive chemicals and wet applications. This unit is perfectly suited for chemical manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, food manufacturers and fisheries. Fork length 48". Fork widths: 20.5"/27".

FOB Shipping Point.

Mobile corrosion resistant pallet jack


  • Durable and affordable pallet jack.
  • Features polyurethane load and steering wheels.
  • 4mm thick forks.

Safely and easily lift and move pallets up to 5500 lbs. Features adjustable fork connecting rods. Overload bypass. Rubber coated handle. 7.25" raised height. 2.9" lowered height. 6"W. forks. 2 year pump warranty. FOB Shipping Point.

Wesco cpi pallet jack

economy pallet jack electric pallet jack electronic pallet jack scale pallet lift

Economy Pallet Jack

Electric Pallet Jack

Electronic Pallet Jack Scale

Pallet Lift

  • 3mm thick forks.

Lifts loads up to 5,500 lbs. Features overload bypass, rubber coated handle, adjustable fork connecting rods, entry and exit rollers, 7" mold-on polyurethane steering wheels, 210° steering. 6"W. forks. 7.25" raised height. 2.9" lowered height. FOB Shipping Point.

Wesco economy pallet jack

  • The CX12 is designed to make the operator's task extremely easy.
  • Machine's stability is guaranteed by the lateral stabilizing wheels.

The CX12 Lift Truck combines the compactness and versatility of a hand pallet truck with the ergonomics of an electric pallet truck. It is ideally suited for moving loads in confined spaces where larger electric pallet trucks will not fit. For example, in narrow aisles, or inside delivery trucks where space is limited are ideal applications. The overall dimensions are 20.5" x 60", with a turning radius of only 50". Fork length is 45". The nominal load capacity is 2,600 lbs. FOB Shipping Point.

Product No. HEC149000000
Cap. (lbs.) 2600
Fork Size
W x L
20 x 45"
Battery Type 24v/55Ah
Wt. (lbs.) 320
Pramac electric pallet jack
  • Equipped with Rechargeable Battery Pack & Charger.
  • Fast, efficient 4500 lb. weighing capacity.
  • Features 1-1/4"H. LED digital display.

The all in one Pallet Truck with Scale allows product to be weighed while being moved to storage or to the production line service. Scale has 1 lb. resolution with maximum error of +/-.2% of applied load. 4,500 lb. weighing capacity. LB/KG toggle switch and push button tare. English nomenclature on the indicator face. Lowered height of 2.9" makes for easy pallet entry. Raised height is 7.6". Equipped with rechargeable battery pack for a 35 hour continuous operation on a single charge. Portable Electronic Scale Operations include verify incoming and out going freight, batching by weight, drum filling, and inventory control. This is an all purpose mobile scale. FOB Shipping Point.

Atlas electronic pallet jack scale



  • Rugged, dependable and affordable.
  • 215° pivot action maneuvers in compact areas.

Rugged 5500 lb. capacity. Spring-A-Matic handle self returns. Safety designed loop handle includes neutral position and fingertip release. Three position hand lowering control. One piece formed steel "C" channel tapered, reinforced forks. Leak-proof pump. Hard chrome plated ram and piston. Tapered fork end and pallet entry rollers. Polyurethane wheels and rollers for a quiet and smooth use. Model# HEZ27x48EZVS/W is our steel wheel pallet jack. This unit has steel steer and load wheels. FOB Shipping Point.

Atlas pallet lift


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