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Pallet Racks for Hardware Storage

THE CLIENT: Fastenal

Fastenal is a nationally operated company with different locations throughout the United States, including right here in Utah (Salt Lake City UT). Fastenal has a wide assortment of hardware products, including fasteners, safety accessories, tools and equipment, metalworking products, material handling and packaging, chemicals, paints, electrical, abrasives, janitorial products, welding, lifting and rigging tools, fleet and automotive products, power transmission and motors, HVAC, raw materials, lighting hardware, and office products / furniture.


The Salt Lake City Fastenal building location added onto their warehouse, which created extra floor space. This addition and expansion was pushed into place in order to have more storage room for their industrial supply. Fastenal was in need of a storage solution to fill up the space in the expanded warehouse. The storage product would have to be durable and sturdy enough to hold Fastenal's hardware products.


NationWide Shelving is the best company to do business with when it comes to buying storage products for any kind of application. This particular situation called for pallet racking, since pallet racks would be able to hold pallets of hardware for storage purposes. Not only does NationWide Shelving sell pallet racks for hardware storage, but we also have the best of the best professionals to deliver and assemble pallet racks. In this case, NationWide Shelving had the privilege of installing these pallet racks for Fastenal.


The Feature: Pallet racks for hardware storage can support up to hundreds or even thousands of pounds. Not only can pallet racks withhold a lot of weight, but they are also dynamic in width and height.

The Advantage: A wide variety in size and weight of items, such as hardware, can easily fit into place on a pallet rack.

The Benefit: Any kind of hardware can be stored on pallet racks in an efficient and organized fashion.

Return on Investment: Companies, such as hardware distributors, won't have to invest in a storage product that is useless.


North American Wholesale Logistics (NAWL) provides the highest of quality products and integrated storage solutions, especially when it comes to pallet racks. Pallet rack for hardware storage come in beam lengths of 96", 108", 120", and 144". The hardware storage pallet rack capacities range from 3,973 lbs all the way up to 6,300 lbs. Different beam types are also available. Upright frames have a spectrum teardrop design, and come in heights of 96 inches, 120 inches, 144 inches, 192 inches, 250 inches, and 288 inches. Depths range from 36", 42", and 48".

If you need help ordering the right amount and sizing of pallet racking for your warehouse, and you would like a quick shipment and professional installation, ask for our sales department when you call. We will be able to help you find everything you are looking for in a pallet rack system.

At NationWide Shelving, we provide the highest quality products and services, and the absolute best value in our industry. Additionally, our sales and installation experts are professionals who have been trained to provide the most accurate information and the highest quality installation services in the industry.

Find out why NationWide Shelving is a leader in Pallet Rack sales!


pallet rack hardware storage

pallet rack hardware storage

pallet rack hardware storage

pallet rack hardware storage

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