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one piece portable rack stacking
pallet rack stacking frames
pipe rack stacking
plastic rack stacking

Pallet Rack Stacking Frames

Pipe Rack Stacking

Plastic Rack Stacking

  • Heavy duty racks nest when empty.
  • Hold thousands of pounds safely.

These racks hold 4,000 lbs. per rack when stacked 3-4 racks high. Sturdy solid one piece, all-steel construction. Increase storage capacity and efficiency. FOB Shipping Point. 






  • For secure storage of crushable items.
  • Use your airspace, not your floorspace!
  • Pricing for racks with capacity of 2,000 pounds when stacked 3-4 racks high. Price does not include pallet.

Frames attach to your warehouse pallets to provide safe storage of products. Racks require little storage space when not in use. Frames snap on pallets for easy assembly. FOB Shipping Point. 

Standard Color Blue.

  • Assembly is fast...just slip pipe in and tighten case hardened set screws with standard hex tool.
  • No welding, no threading, no drilling or bolting.
  • Additional styles and sizes available - contact us for details.
Strong pipe fittings make it easy and economical to assemble railings, racks, fencing, awning frames, boat docks, stalls, light grid systems and 1001 other applications. Galvanized fittings are ideal for either indoor or outdoor use. Holds up to two tons, with larger size fittings. 100% reusable. Meets or exceeds OSHA requirements for railings. FOB Shipping Point.


  • Snaps together in seconds - no tools required.
  • Modular design permits hundreds of shelving configurations.
Made of heavy duty high impact plastic for long-wearing use. Impervious to oils, gas, acids, solvents and most chemicals. Open grid shelving is ideal for wet, corrosive and harsh environments. Reduces dirt and dust accumulation and increases air flow and light penetration. Add or subtract shelves to satisfy spacing needs. FOB Shipping Point. 


portable rack stacking portable rack stacking corner posts rack stacking carts steel rack stacking

Portable Rack Stacking

Portable Rack Stacking - Corner Posts

Rack Stacking Carts

Steel Rack Stacking

  • For storing or transport, these long-wearing racks save space and time.
  • Utilize vertical storage space by safely stacking these racks up to 5-high.
  • Stock sizes.

Forklift portable for easy handling of loads up to 4000 lbs. Rugged construction features stand up to heavy industrial requirements... prevents product damage. Save time by moving more material with fewer moves. Side and end frames are available to prevent load shifting. Prices listed are for base frame style 4. For other base frame styles and/or decking options, i.e. plywood, sheet metal, expanded metal, etc, call for pricing. Standard color - Blue. FOB Shipping Point.

Designs for heavier capacities available.

For use with Portable Stacking Racks

  • Corner Posts -- Set of 4
  • Stock sizes.

Rugged construction features stand up to heavy industrial requirements... prevents product damage. Standard color - Blue. FOB Shipping Point.

  • Increase versatility and mobility of your stacking racks.
  • Price is for cart base only and does not include posts.
  • Standard color is blue.

Add to the efficiency of your stock rotation with these cost-effective stacking rack carts. May be used to move standard base/post (see Portable Stacking Racks) about or insert posts in corners for rack with casters. Unit has 2 swivel with brake casters and 2 rigid casters. Available in your choice of 2,000 lb. and 4,000 lb. capacity models. Call for other sizes. Posts available for purchase, see related items on bottom of page. FOB Shipping Point.



  • Low-cost storage of pipes, bars, tubing, etc.
  • Stacks can be easily shifted or changed as your requirements change.

Additions are inexpensive and easy to make...no tools required. Perfect for storage of those awkward items that don't store well on standard shelving. All-welded steel construction stands up to rough industrial abuse. Capacities up to 7,500 lbs. FOB Shipping Point.

  1. Determine modular capacity from tables.
  2. Determine length of material to be stored and select the number of units required.  
          For 8' to 10' lengths - order 2 units. 
          For 12' to 16' lengths - order 3 units.
          For 16' to 24' lengths - order 4 units.
  3. Determine storage volume dimensions and module quantities and order from table.

Shelves and 4-way dividers available - prices on request. 

SHELF divides capacity into 2 sections. 

4-WAY DIVIDER divides full capacity into 4 sections.


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