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Staff and Alumni File Storage for Community College
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State of Utah Contract:
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Staff and Alumni File Storage for Community College

THE CLIENT: Western Wyoming Community College


The Western Wyoming Community College needed to store years of staff and alumni information. They also needed to save space and save time storing files. The college wanted to increase productivity and eliminate time searching for files.


Western Wyoming Community College decided Mobile Shelving met their expectations because it will save space, save time, and increases productivity. Mobile Shelving saves space because it eliminates aisle space that most conventional shelving requires. This product saves time because it eliminates time walking down long aisles to look for files. The product increases productivity since the staff takes less time to look for alumni documentation. Now, they were able to increase job performance by eliminating struggles to find files they need.


The Feature: Mobile Shelving moves on a track by simply turning the handle. It features an electric security system to secure your files. This shelving has an option to have an extended ramp that will make the floor level to the track.

The Advantage: The Mobile Shelving slides on a track to make an entrance, and then slides to condense the shelving to allow more space. The intelligent one-touch key pad makes the shelves open only with a pin number for superior security for whatever is being stored. The extended ramp is a floor that goes between each track to make it level across the entire shelving unit.

The Benefit: Because the Mobile Shelving moves on a track it makes files easy to access and takes up less space. The security feature locks the system with a pin number so only authorized members can access the storage system. The extended ramp provides handicapped access while at the same time the shelves have a better appearance.

Return on Investment: Mobile Shelving saves money by reducing personnel’s time looking for files and they are getting more work done. The security system prevents files from being stolen, thus saving money to replace sensitive information or any repercussions that might go along with this. The extended ramp is handicapped accessible so the school doesn’t need to buy anything else.


Mobile Shelving moves on a track to offer more space, has a security system to protect you most case sensitive files and the extended ramp gives easy access for handicapped.

One of the key features about Mobile Shelving is that it glides on a track to ensure smooth operation. The handle is easy to turn even when there is a high quantity of files that can accumulate a lot of weight. By turning the handle the Mobile Shelving will move on the track to create access to the aisles. Then the handle can turn back to condense all the shelves, thus using less space. It also provides comfort to staff by eliminating time running to get files and increasing productivity to focus on other job related tasks. Most ordinary shelves don’t have a track that moves to access files, and spoiling possibilities for the staff to work on more important tasks.

Mobile Shelving has a security feature to lock files and sensitive product. The security system can only be opened by a pin number or an authorized user. It can prevent stolen files or loosing sensitive information. The customer can avoid spending money on replacing any missing or stolen product.

The extended ramp can allow smooth and convenient access for carts and most importantly for handicapped individuals. This product features a variety of ramp options to decrease the chance for someone to trip or fall. The extended ramp provides the customer with a peace of mind by not having to build extra accommodations for individuals with special needs.

Mobile Shelving is a great product with many applications. Because in can move on a track the user can save space and increase productivity. The security system can lock their product safely to avoid it from being stolen or lost. The extended ramp can provide a level floor across the shelving unit and provide access for carts or handicapped individuals. Mobile Shelving would be a great addition to any business.

At NationWide Shelving, we provide the highest quality products and services, and the absolute best value in our industry. Additionally, our sales and installation experts are professionals who have been trained to provide the most accurate information and the highest quality installation services in the industry.

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Staff and Alumni File Storage for Community College
Staff and Alumni File Storage for Community College
Staff and Alumni File Storage for Community College
Staff and Alumni File Storage for Community College
Staff and Alumni File Storage for Community College

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