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Kardex Lektriever Sales | Parts | Service

Kardex developed the Kardex Lektriever many years ago to improve records management. Over the years it was upgraded to a Series 80 and then to the Series 2000. In October of 2008 Remstar International acquired the name and assets of Kardex and began distributing the Kardex Lektriever through the Remstar family of Dealers. Nationwide Shelving became responsible for sales and service of the Kardex Lektriever in Utah, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.

  • Lektriever
    • The Kardex Remstar Lektriever is a software controlled automated media storage and retrieval system that can hold thousands of files, videos, CD’s , DVD, or a host of other media. Its capacity is the equivalent of at least 16 four-drawer filing cabinets. It can be operated in a stand alone mode or networked to your IT systems. It is as easy to operate as a printer, simply click on the requested file or media type and the Lektriever will search, select and retrieve the requested item.
    • Benefits: Floor space savings – Typically the Lektriever will save you 50% plus on floor space when compared to conventional manual filing products.
    • Ease of retrieval – No more walking, climbing ladders, bending and stretching to retrieve files. We estimate that staff can become 40% more productive. It also helps disabled employees to do a broader range of office functions. Wheelchair access is easy to accommodate.
    • Fire Protection and security – Each unit can be fully fire protected using a gas drench system. Access can be controlled via PIN, swipe card, electronic locks or higher security keys.
    • Finish – The Lektriever is available in a wide range of colors and finishes complementing any interior design.


Phone Us At 800-326-4403

Lektriever Lektriever

The Kardex Heavy Duty Movable Rack System lets you make the most of one of your company's biggest investments-floor space. With rack mounted on movable carriages, the system creates access aisles-for people and/or trucks-only when and where they're needed. So aisles not in immediate use aren't taking up valuable floor space that could be devoted to revenue-producing activity.

             This versatile system accepts any type of existing rack and handles up to 60,000 pounds of load per double rack section. Complete operator safety is assured with a number of standard and optional safety features.

             Kardex can also provide the software that allows you to use a personal computer with your Kardex Movable Rack System to speed retrieval, increase productivity, and provide up-to-the-minute inventory information.

             Your Kardex Material Handling representative will work with you to design the system that best fits your needs, and will train your employees in its use.

             For an on-site analysis of how a Kardex Movable Rack system can double your cubic storage capacity-or cut in half the floor space devoted to storage-call Kardex or your nearest Kardex Material Handling dealer today.

Recover 50% Of Floor Space Devoted To Storage

Mechanical override permits continued operation in the event of a power failure.

Fixed-range capability keeps range stationary for multiple aisle use, safely increasing productivity.

Warning horn wounds 3 seconds before rang movement begins and continues intermittently throughout movement.

Warning light on every range signals movement of any range.
Safety beam-electronic eye at each aisle entrance stops carriage movement when activated. (See illustration key a)

All wheels are driven by a full-length drive shaft for smoother operation. (See illustration key b)

Dependable heavy-duty motor insures years of maintenance-free operation. (See illustration key c)

All load weight distributed directly over wheels, maximizing weight capacity.

Exclusive safety bypass permits safe uninterrupted operation. Prevent costly downtime. Requires two people for complete safety.

Entire system can be locked to prevent unauthorized access.

Photoelectric sensor slows range movement as aisle closes; no bumper arm projecting in aisle.


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