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Aurora Library Shelving PDF
Aurora Library Shelving PDF
Download PDF Brochure
Download PDF Brochure
Aurora Library Shelving PDF
Aurora Library Shelving PDF


  • Adams, Kleemeier, Hagan, Hannah & Fouts
  • Caterpillar, Inc.
  • Chemical Heritage Foundation
  • Clinton Presidential Library
  • Harold Washington Library
  • Hearst Publishing
  • Illinois Institute of Technology
  • JFK Presidential Library
  • Liberty Intermediate School
  • Lincoln Presidential Library
  • Nixon Presidential Library
  • Northwestern University
  • North Carolina State
  • Riverside Court of Appeals
  • Robert Morris College
  • San Diego State University
  • University of Chicago
  • University of Illinois
  • University of Memphis, Law Library
  • University of Wisconsin
  • West Aurora High School

Our History
For over sixty years Aurora has been a mainstay of librarians who want versatile, sturdy, and beautiful storage for their libraries.

Quik-Lok Library Shelving
Aurora invented and patented the Quik-Lok system of shelving which eliminates bolts, sway braces and protruding hardware that harm priceless library collections. This patented system provides great rigidity with the flexibility to easily reconfigure sections of shelving to change or grow your system.

Expert Design Services
The Aurora Design Department will work with your team to create a customized storage solution taking into consideration growth requirements, accessibility, aesthetics, and budget. If you're challenged for space we can design a system to help your library store more in less space on-site or off-site.

Aurora Library Shelving PDF

Eco-Friendly Products
We’re proud members of the US Green Building Council and have a strong commitment to the environment. Our storage products can help achieve LEED certification. They contain 40% recycled content and are finished with an exceptionally durable, non-VOC powder coat completely harmless to users and the environment.

Aurora Library Shelving: The Smart Choice for Book Storage

Why settle for the old-fashioned cantilever shelving for book storage when you can have Aurora Library Shelving?

Aurora Library Shelving features a unique design that's easy to assemble, reconfigures in a snap and eliminates the problems of book storage common to cantilever-style shelving.

Aurora Library Shelving PDF



Easy assembly requires no nuts, bolts or hardware

Reduces installation time

Finished, closed end panels are standard

Aesthetically pleasing look

Compact footprint

Saves floor space but provides more storage capacity than cantilever

Absence of protruding hardware

Reduces book damage

Converts from 4-post static to mobile system

Optimizes floor space

More standard sizes

Design flexibility

Superior weight capacity

Eliminates shelf deflection

Simple to reconfigure

System changes as your needs change
Aurora Library Shelving PDF

K-12 Library

Many of today’s school libraries are short on space and shorter on funds, causing librarians to serve an ever expanding student population with limited resources.

Libraries have morphed into school media centers, true multimedia environments assisting Generation Y students with so much more than just book circulation.

Aurora can help to fit more media into tight spaces and tight budgets.



  • Store more books in less space to gain valuable floor space for other activities.
  • Choose multimedia accessories uniquely designed for library use to house magazines, movies, games, oversized books
  • Add counter-high units for easy student accessibility, usable work space, and extra gathering places
Aurora Library Shelving PDF
Aurora Library Shelving PDF

Store games and movies

Aurora Library Shelving PDF

Aurora Library Shelving PDF

Aurora Library Shelving PDF

Higher Education
The academic library environment has special storage considerations for main campus collections, decentralized school libraries within a university, archival storage for dissertations and masters theses, or research departments.

Space is frequently at a premium, yet acquisitions continue
to grow. The design experts at Aurora have solved these
challenges for many high profi le universities and colleges.

  • Aurora’s compact 4-post design stores more books
    than cantilever per square foot

Aurora Library Shelving PDF

Archival storage for dissertations and masters theses


The Public Library is a community’s most valued asset providing a learning site, gathering place, and setting for activities for all ages.

Demand for services increasing? Space constricting as you add programs? Aurora can design a space-efficient system that optimizes every bit of floor and vertical space.


  • Flexible, reconfigurable library storage assembles and disassembles easily to change when you do.
  • Rugged construction holds up under constant patron use.
  • High density mobile library storage option uses 50% less space so you can add study carrels, internet stations, and copiers.

Aurora Library Shelving PDF

Aurora Library Shelving PDF

Aurora Library Shelving PDF


Aurora Library Shelving PDF

Need to store tapes of every single sporting event broadcast over the last four decades?

What about research journals? Bound copies of every publication your firm has issued?


  • More shelving depths, widths, and heights ensure perfect storage solutions for all types of corporate collections.
  • An Aurora high-density mobile library system uses 50% less floor space and features selective security to store your sensitive material.



Design firm awash in binders, fabric swatches and design samples?

Just see what Aurora can store.


  • Multimedia storage for binders, books, cds, video and sample bags – anything and everything you have to store.
  • Angled display shelves keep periodicals and samples organized.
  • Special drawers configure and reconfigure to store even the smallest of items.

Aurora Library Shelving PDF

Aurora Library Shelving PDF

Aurora Library Shelving PDF
Aurora Library Shelving PDF

Running out of room for trial preparation notes, courtroom exhibits, and Federal Registers?

Whether your firm requires elegant front office style or back room efficiency, Aurora is on your side.


If aesthetics are a high priority in your fi rm, Aurora has the answer with Wood-Tek Library Systems.

  • Wood-Tek Library systems combine the strength of steel shelving with elegant wood end panels, base, and crown molding.

Aurora Shelving offers a full range of library accessories:


  • Slotted shelves (optional)
  • Reference shelves
  • Magazine doors
  • Sloping shelves
  • Label holders
  • Newspaper racks
  • Wire book supports
  • Magnetic followers
  • Media shelves
  • Magnetic card holders
  • Drawers
  • Hanging rack for CDs and books
  • Laminate countertops and end panel treatments
Aurora Library Shelving PDF Aurora Library Shelving PDF
Sample Storage

Newspaper Racks

Aurora Library Shelving PDF

Magazine Doors


Aurora Library Shelving PDF Aurora Library Shelving PDF

Media Storage

Tapes and Games Storage

Aurora Library Shelving PDF
Optional Laminate Countertop

Color Options

  • 29 beautiful colors in Gloss-Tek a document safe finish with no VOC’s to harm the environment.
Aurora Library Shelving PDF

Aurora Library Sizes

Aurora Library Shelving is available in more widths, heights and depths than any other shelving brand on the market, cantilever included!
Aurora Library Shelving PDF

40 1/4", 64 1/4", 76 1/4", 85 1/4",
88 1/4", 97 1/4", 100 1/4", 121 1/4"

Depths Single Entry
9", 10", 12", 13", 15", 16"

Double Entry
18", 20", 24", 26", 30"

24", 30", 36", 42", 48"

Mobile Ready

  • Turn shelving into mobile ready systems
  • Save 50% floor space, or store 100% more
Aurora Library Shelving PDF
Aurora Library Shelving PDF
Aurora Library Shelving PDF


Customize Aurora Library Shelving with Wood-Tek, a premium wood option for shelving end panels, crown molding, and shelf edges.

  • Doors, conference tables, atlas stands
  • Available in 5 wood species and 10 rich stains
  • Custom match available
Aurora Library Shelving PDF

Library Upright

Library inner wall construction allows easy access to books at the end of the row.



Why a common solution is not necessarily the best solution.

Aurora Library Shelving PDF VS Aurora Library Shelving PDF
Aesthetics Shelving comes with steel end panels for a clean and polished look

Open cantilever has unfinished look
End panels are a purchased option

Compact Footprint Saves floor space and provides more storage than similar sized cantilever unit Add 2" – 2½" to unit depth to accommodate
Book Damage Prevention Gusseted uprights provide smooth inner sidewalls so books do not slide or lodge behind uprights Shelves can exhibit lateral movement away from slots in cantilever uprights causing material to catch between end bracket and upright
Adjustability of Shelves Individually adjustable per side on back to back units Individually adjustable per side
Size Selection Available in 5 widths and 11 depths, more than cantilever shelving Limited to a maximum of 36" width for most manufacturers
Collection Cleanliness Top canopy shelf is standard, protecting books from dust and water damage from accidental fire sprinkler discharge Open top is standard
Canopy is non-standard purchased option
Mobile Ready Anchors easily to mobile carriages with no loss of stability or additional hardware Must be reinforced with gussets on alternate uprights to make mobile ready, adding to system costs
Single Unit Stability Rigid uprights and shelf reinforcements make even a single section of shelving stable Lateral racking can occur
Aurora Library Shelving PDF


“Although cantilever style shelving is often specified for library applications, many professional librarians are choosing Aurora 4-post shelving as a superior alternative.”

Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago, IL

Aurora Library Shelving PDF


The University of Illinois chose Aurora Shelving over cantilever-type shelving. University planners studied layouts utilizing both types of shelving and discovered that 1/3 of a million more volumes could be stored on Aurora Shelving vs. cantilever shelving.

Aurora Library Shelving PDF Aurora Library Shelving PDF Aurora Library Shelving PDF Aurora Library Shelving PDF
Aurora Library Shelving PDF Aurora Library Shelving PDF Aurora Library Shelving PDF Aurora Library Shelving PDF
Aurora Library Shelving PDF Aurora Library Shelving PDF Aurora Library Shelving PDF Aurora Library Shelving PDF

At NationWide Shelving, we provide the highest quality products and services, and the absolute best value in our industry. Additionally, our sales and installation experts are professionals who have been trained to provide the most accurate information and the highest quality installation services in the industry.

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