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Seismic Permits for Pallet Rack

Just imagine that you own and run a warehouse in downtown Salt Lake City.  You recently installed 20’ tall Pallet Rack.  At last, you have the ability to store all of your products and equipment in an organized, efficient fashion.  But then you get a surprise visit from the city inspector.  “Is that Pallet Rack up to seismic code?” they ask.  You think to yourself, “What is seismic coding and how do I make sure my Pallet Rack meets the requirements?”  Read on for “How to get Seismic Permits for Pallet Rack in 5 Simple Steps.”

How to get Seismic Permits for Pallet Rack
in 5 Simple Steps:


1.  Call a Company Such as A1 Install (801-456-9950)

They will be happy to do a site-visit and while they’re there, they can determine such things as:  the thickness of your concrete, the quality of your soil, and all of the measurements and details of your Pallet Rack that are needed to get the permit process started.


Contact a Structural Engineer

After their visit, A1 Install will contact a third party structural engineer on your behalf.  They will pass along all of the information that they collected.  The Structural Engineer will go to work using specific equations and physics to determine exactly what anchors (a bolt used to secure Pallet Rack to the concrete floor) and seismic plates are needed to bring your Pallet Rack up to seismic code. 


Get Your Permit

For a small fee, in addition to the cost of the permit ($250 for all cities in Utah except for Salt Lake City which is $500), A1 Install will complete the permitting process for you.  They will collect and file all the necessary paperwork to get the seismic permit that you need for your Pallet Rack to be up to code. This can be a paper-intensive process and takes an average of 2-4 weeks to complete.  The cost of the permit varies based upon the size of the Pallet Rack, but the exact breakdown of the costs incurred is available on your city’s website.  One thing is for sure, you will be glad you let A1 Install do the work for you. 


Complete the Inspection

When your Pallet Rack is installed and secured, and you have your seismic code permit in hand.  The next step is to have a licensed inspector come to your warehouse and complete an official inspection, certifying that the Pallet Rack in your warehouse is up to seismic code.  Where you find the inspector is completely dependent upon the city in which your warehouse is located.  Salt Lake City, for example, does not provide inspectors.  Therefore, you must find a third party certified inspector on your own. 


Things to Keep in Mind for Future Shelving and Expansions

Congratulations!  Your Pallet Rack is up to seismic code.  But now you are considering adding additional Pallet Rack to your warehouse.  Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • As a general rule, a seismic code permit is required for any Pallet Rack taller than 6’ in an office, and any Pallet Rack taller than 10’ in a warehouse.
  • All Pallet Rack must have a clearance of 18” from sprinkler heads.
  • Other states have already banned the use of particle board due to the extreme fire hazard that it presents; Utah will most likely ending up banning it as well.
  • If you choose not to bring your shelves up to seismic code, the inspector will first issue you a warning, followed by fines, and may even eventually shut your warehouse down until the Pallet Rack is brought up to code.
  • A1 Install is a great resource for getting all of your Pallet Rack up to seismic code as they have a 100% success rate for passing inspections.
  • A1 Install is able to charge significantly less than its competitors because they hire third party Structural Engineers as opposed to having one in-house.

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