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law enforcement storage products

law enforcement storage products

law enforcement storage products

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Call 1-800-326-4403 or 801-328-8788 to speak to our sales team about buying one of these products so you can enjoy all the benefits and advantages these law enforcement storage products offer.

Law Enforcement Storage Products

NationWide Shelving has a wide selection of law enforcement storage products that are available to order for Law Enforcement Agencies (local Police Stations, SWAT, FBI-Federal Bureau of Investigation, DHS-Department of Homeland Security, DOJ-Department of Justice, DEA-Drug Enforcement Agency, ATF-Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, United States Marchals Service, BOP-Federal Bureau of Prisons, CBP-U.S. Customs and Border Protection, ICE-U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, FAMS-Federal Air Marshal Service, USSS-United States Secret Service, and others) of any size, from small offices to large headquarters. There are many different options and sizes to choose from, including the following list:

You can click the list of pdf links above to get more details on each law enforcement storage product. There are different varieties of brands and applications for every need for Law Enforcement Agencies. Jaken, Aurora, Tiffin, SecureIt, and SpaceGuard are among the best brands that manufacture durable and high quality law enforcement storage products for weapons, records, gear, evidence items, and much more.

Archive storage units utilize space for law enforcement record storage rooms. Boltless shelving uses tear drop designs for easier installation. Bulk storage shelving increases weight and size capacities for wide span applications. Crime and evidence storage mobile shelving systems condense space into half the size compared to stationary shelves and aisles between each unit. Mobile shelving units can also be customized for aesthetically pleasing designs in different colors and textures. Electronic and manual operating options are purchasable along with locking devices.

Lockers for Law Enforcement Departments are reliable and secure for safety precautions that are taken when storing valuable bullets, hand guns, long guns, tasers, steel batons, hand cuffs, and other law enforcement equipment. Lockers for crime and evidence storage are useful in security purposes: impounded narcotics & money, crime scene evidence, chain of custody documents, inmate & booking records, fingerprint cards, parole records, traffic violations, parking tickets, and investigation reports.

Gear storage cabinets come in rotating or stationary styles to be flexible for law enforcement members, depending on personal preferences or professional purposes. Either style can have open face shelf levels, closed drawers, or both. Security cages are perfect for bigger areas, in which the wire partitions can seperate law enforcement property off from unauthorized access. The wire mesh comes in different patterns such as square and diamond, and sections of it are easy to adjust to a specific width and length to fit any room space coordinates. Along with this, secure locks are guaranteed to be tough and secure enough to keep anyone out.

law enforcement storage products clients


Our clients are local, here in Salt Lake City and Utah, and are also across the United States in different states. Our satisfied customers that are local include: Cache County Police, Davis County Sheriff, Hill Air Force Base Security, Midvale Police, Roy Police, South Salt Lake Police, Unified Police, and West Jordan Police.



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